Obama’s Pick Not NEAR Left Enough For Me

I read this, threw up, and starting looking at property in Vancouver.  If you value your safety, Wingnuts, don’t bring me any bullshit about Sotomayor’s intellect.  Good Lord.  We are going to need a real radical to provide some balance to our highest court.



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3 responses to “Obama’s Pick Not NEAR Left Enough For Me

  1. democommie


    I’m with you. The dittodolts are screeching about her as if she were Angela Davis come to the court. What a bunch of crap.

  2. “I fail to understand your logic.”

    If you can’t find the drugs anywhere else, why, they MUST be in her underpants!

    This, from our highest court?

  3. One step at a time my good man. He is appointing her in a time when so many more problems have a higher priority. He doesn’t want to jam a stick in a bee hive when he needs everyone to stay calm and stick together. If he would have appointed a really liberal judge instead of a leaning liberal he would have been hated by the majority of Americans that fill in the center. There will be time for other liberal judges, and he will pick them after the next election cycle.There are so much Democratic politicians that could lose their seat in the next cycle because of all the drama they are causing for themselves.
    He also nominated the first Latino supreme court judge at a time when the Latino voting block is growing faster than any other group. The republicans don’t know what to do except be negative and that is good for us.

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