Talks Resume With Management

Its contract negotiation time for me.  My gig here at The Chronicles ain’t bad, really, I have a great deal of flexibility with my hours and pay, ample vacation and sick leave, and the editorial staff gives me all the leeway I want.  The issue, then?  The scope of my duties.  I want them streamlined, so I can focus on just one or two issues to cover.  Management insists that I continue to stay informed and indeed opine on all matters, regardless of how trivial or boring.  My guess is that we will meet somewhere in the middle…

Fortunately, my work “slow down” that prompted these talks has let me coast through a pretty bad case of writer’s block.  Oh, I have plenty to say, right up to the point I place my hands on the keyboard….then, nuthin.

I’m bothered by seeing so many of my friends struggling.  I have good friends in real trouble.  I feel powerless to help, and that makes me depressed and angry.  I guess I like to fix stuff, and none of this seems fixable.  When this happens, I get reclusive, or I clam up for fear I may say the wrong things.

Empathy is overrated.

Back soon.


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5 responses to “Talks Resume With Management

  1. there’s just too much to get upset over these days. but talks with management are vastly over-rated. those people have no clue – i know because i are one.

  2. Believe me, your help and encouragement has been a lifeline for me during a very rough time.

    However, I like the “Empathy is overrated.” philosophy…I need to try that one on for size. 😉

  3. democommie


    I know what you mean. Fortunately I have no self-conciousness about writing horrenedous drivel as an exercise. One of these days it may lead to my writing something of surpassing beauty that will make gentlemen (and ladies) of good will, blink back happy tears of appreciation and cause the evil to cry bitter dears of defeat and self-recrimination. Until then, whiskey fuelled diatribes are my freinds!

    Offer management some sort of tangible trade-off; less writing in exchange for more sex–that’s what I’ve always done.

  4. democommie

    Oh, wait, that last sentence. That was before I became self-employed!

  5. I know how you feel. Every week someone emails/texts/calls me to tell me their job has evaporated. It’s exhausting.

    Good thoughts are sent your way, as you were kind enough to reach out to me with words of encouragement, kindness & compliments.

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