Insert Excuse Here

The end of the school year is always a flurry of activity anyway, but this year it has been particularly hectic for us.  The late Spring rains did quite a bit of damage here, including washing out our driveway culvert.  This will require some heavy equipment to correct, and I’ve done all I can with the tools I have.   The pastures to the East have thistles that have to removed by hand before they seed out, and that’s over 20 acres.  The horses have been moved from Winter pasture back to Summer pasture and they have no manners at the moment….lots of head swinging and almost nipping at sleeves.  Unacceptable, but time consuming to fix.

The kids.  Sigh.  Field trips.  Ceremonies.  Parties.  Normally, I love doing that stuff, but it has been timing out inconveinantly this year.  We will get through it, of course, but I’m setting up my big excuse for why I haven’t been posting very much.

The truth, however, is that I read the news these days and just can’t get interested.  That isn’t like me.  I try to muster up some outrage and righteous indignation, and, well, I end up reverting to my default position….This Too Shall Pass.

I’m am quite grateful that Southern Beale is operating with a full head of steam.  Sweet Jesus that woman isn’t someone I want on my ass.  Its hard to get anything past her, and I for one appreciate her tenacity.  Every once in awhile, she’ll throw up the obligatory “here’s my cute pet” post or mention her garden, but really, shes at her best calling out hypocrisy and dumbassery at every level of Government.

The weather is beautiful, so being busy outside is a good thing.  Back soon, full of sound and fury, I promise.



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3 responses to “Insert Excuse Here

  1. democommie


    I can’t help you out with much else, but piss&vinegar I got plenty of.

  2. I too have been enjoying Southern Beale – I should go comment over there how much I enjoyed the Guantanamo post.

  3. Well, gosh Mack! I’m so flattered! Thanks for the kind words.

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