Hard To Post This Without A Taliban Reference

A popular old saying goes ” it is easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission”.

I think Tyler Durden Frost should have heeded that adage.  Instead, possibly due to his Christian upbringing, he went to his principal at Heritage Christian School to ask permission to attend his girlfriend’s prom, to be held at a public school.  He was told he could not attend.  After thinking about it, he decided that he would go, after all, it was not to take place on the Heritage campus, and it was not to take place during school hours.

He went, he had a great time, but now he has been suspended, and will not be able to take part in his graduation ceremony.  In addition, he is to receive an incomplete grade for the rest of his classes.

Had it been discovered after the fact, my guess is that he might have been lightly reprimanded, since he could have reasonably made the case that he misunderstood the school’s code of conduct about events taking place outside the school campus.  But, this is about ego, and power.  The Principal told him not to go, and Tyler disobeyed him.


Tyler’s stepfather plans to file suit against the school.  I hope cooler heads prevail, and this kid gets to graduate and take his tests along with the rest of his graduating class.



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5 responses to “Hard To Post This Without A Taliban Reference

  1. Well, I hope the stepfather does sue – he’ll probably win. The arrogance of a principal who beieves he’s got the right or duty to suspend a student that attends a function of whatever type at another school, is beyond belief to me.

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous – this has to be win-able, but to be honest, I am always amazed at what some organizations are able to get away with.

  3. The Missus

    The kids Granma is a teacher at the school and she prayed for the kid not to go to the prom. Why didn’t she pray for the principal to come to his senses? Because they are crazy. They choose to send the kid to a freak show school, now they are shocked. Wtf?
    That said, I hope the kid gets to graduate.

  4. democommie

    These are the sort of christians that make me wonder what the hell their concept of “love” is.

    I got expelled from my catholic HS along with my brother and the two lads from the house next to ours–for something that a fifth kid had done, on his own, without us being present–by the monsignor of the parish. My dad wanted to go over and clean the school superintendent’s clock (another priest) but my mom was afraid that would make things worse. In the event, the next door lady, a brassy redhead who was a widow and tough as nails “fronted” the superintendent a day or so later and he backed down, the chicken shit. I was sooooooooo ready to go to a school that had a woodshop. I wound up having to spend 3 more years there before I graduated.

    Asshats like the prinicpal of that school would like ALL schools to be run along those lines. Jerks.

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