Entering His 16th Minute

It seems Christianity Today felt it necessary to prolong Joe The Plumber’s relevancy. Pity.  I really think its long past time for Ol Joe to go back to Ohio, fantasize about buying his boss’s business, and continue not paying his taxes.  Or, lets at least drop the charade and go ahead and book him on a Reality Show, because that’s exactly where he is headed anyway.  His simplistic view of Government was reason enough to mock him, but I refrained, fish/barrel and all that.

Now, he has pissed me off.  He wouldn’t let “Queers” around his children?  How would he know?  I suppose, if he finds himself in an Emergency Room unexpectedly, (like there are people who actually expect to wind up there, sigh) will he devise some kind of test to determine his doctor’s sexual orientation?  I suppose he could always slide a hand down and give his package a nice squeeze, and, if the Doc responds with wood, well, he could always refuse treatment.  I’m sure that femoral artery will stopping spurting blood long enough for the hospital staff to find a doctor more butch.

My goodness what a moron.  Next time someone in the media decides to give this guy the microphone, I hope they at least ask him to explain why he feels compelled to equate homosexuality with pedophilia?  Its cruel, and I’m pretty sure there is a least a passing reference to “bearing false witness” in the Good Book, though he admits he hasn’t read much of it.  I’m stuck wondering why Christianity Today determined that he was qualified to opine about God’s role in our lives?  “W” got an intense dose of Christianity by immersion before he ran for POTUS, perhaps Mighty Joe is poised to run for something.

Can you imagine how much cash would flow into the Democratic party’s coffers?  Ha.



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6 responses to “Entering His 16th Minute

  1. The Missus

    I’ve had some friends who were actually plumbers. I wouldn’t have them anywhere near my children or pets. I just don’t trust them with their augers, and ball check valves.

  2. LMAO. Not to mention their gangly wrenches.

  3. Wow. That guy that says he wouldn’t let a gay near his kids? Yeah, he’s jacked up. That’s just mean and discriminatory.
    -The Mouse 😀

  4. democommie

    Well, Joe’s not really a plumber, I doubt if he’s a christian (although he may be a KKKristian) and it’s still unclear whether or not his daddy went into the slammer as part of the Keating 5 Savings and Loan debacle.

    Joe the Notplumber is one thing for sure, a lying sack of shit.

  5. Mack–You’ll love this.
    I got an email from his publicist about something I had written she didn’t like. She was with Jim Della Croce’s Press Office–Ed Morris’ former son-in law.
    So I wrote back and was real friendly and told her of my relationship with the Morris family for 25 years, and she wrote back disregarding my gesture of good will saying “Even Joe deserves good representation like anyone else.”
    I couldn’t believe it. Now I’m not going to trash talk Della Croce. I mentored his daughter in film. But one could say he sold out to represent Joe. (Unless he changed political affiliations since we last spoke) Sad.
    I’m not saying Democrats shouldn’t represent Republicans, but when those Republicans are Joe or Rush or Hannity or Coulter , then that’s a problem!
    So there’s the backstory. Nashville’s own Press Office represents him and gets him all those gigs.

  6. joe has apparently become the spokesperson for doddering old fools.

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