More Unsolicited Advice For My Conservative Friends

Here is brief lesson for my fellow Americans that like to call themselves Conservative.  Actually, if you call yourself a Republican, you might want to pay attention as well.

You are missing an enormous opportunity.  Its an opportunity with no down-side.  You get to distance yourselves from the vile hatred spewed by those who claim membership in your ranks.  You get to marginalize these dangerous voices so that they are less effective.  The best thing about this opportunity is that you get to stand up and defend those under attack, which, in addition to being a smart thing to do politically, (if you are looking to grow your membership) it is the right thing to do as well.  (If you want to be considered a human being)

Of course I’m talking about Talk Radio.  And, please, lets not waste time debating whether or not the Left has some role in this.  We don’t.  We have Air America, which is enjoyed by all 11 people that listen to it.  Randi Rhoades is no Michael Savage.  Calling privileged White Men out on their shenanigans is a far cry from the daily poison commuters are subjected to each and every day..  Make no mistake.  Hate radio is deadly dangerous.  Not 20 years ago, a half-million people were brutally slaughtered when one group seized the radio stations and began dispensing fear and hatred of another group.  Take a minute, in fact, just one minute of this trailer from the movie Hotel Rwanda:

Then listen to one minute of this:

The similarities are frightening.  Infestation.  Vermin. Primitive.  Less than you.  Less than us.  Less than human.

I know its not likely that Americans will take up machetes and march into the barrios en masse to chop up Mexicans.  But there are all kinds of pain we can inflict upon those we deem scary and dangerous, or, perhaps worse, inconsequential; denying medical care or education, incarceration, and yes, sometimes violence that leads to murder.

Radio was key to the massacres in Rwanda as most of the population could not read.  I’d argue that in large part, Americans have lost the ability to process information properly, critical thinking is in short supply.  Our schools can’t compete against absent parents and pop culture, and are more often than not hamstrung by standardized testing that takes up half of the school year.  Americans aren’t stupid, they are un-informed, and unable or unwilling to study the critically important issues before them.  In addition, we have been conditioned to believe that if someone is on TV or the Radio, they must be important, and therefor credible.

Everything is relative, of course.  No one is on the air advocating wholesale slaughter of illegal aliens.  Or, are they?

Its time, folks.  Its time for the GOP to join forces with Progressives and call for an end to this hatred that has been slickly produced and mainstreamed by craven corporations hell bent to sell airtime.  It will be painful in the beginning, demons don’t die easily, or quietly.  They will take a few of your members down with them.  Call it collateral damage, its a term y’all should be familiar with.  Then, and only then, we can have a discussion about immigration reform.



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14 responses to “More Unsolicited Advice For My Conservative Friends

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  2. democommie


    Jay Severin (born James Thompson Severino ) is another in a long line of lying, conniving, hate-filled gasbags of the reichwing. I heard about two minutes of his ranting one night when I lived in the Boston area and thought, “What an asshole.”

    Of course he lies about, among other things, his credentials, his awards and HIS name. Why would he not do that? It’s a well known truth that the Limbaughs, Hannitys and Savages of this world need not tell the truth so long as their “entertainment” sells whatever their corportate sponsors want to sell.

    Recently, on NPR, there was a segment featuring the mayor of a Texas border town who said that the problems in his town were nothing like those described by the reichwing hate merchants or the “responsible” MSM. He said that his city was about the same as most Texas towns–not most Texas border towns.

    It seems that for some people there always has to be an “other” to blame for the problems we face in life. The sad fact is that most problems we face our the result of our interactions with those who are JUST LIKE US.

  3. I’ll join you.

    Hell, there’s a good chunk of people who tell me I can’t be conservative because I agreed with president Bush on immigration. So, it’s an easy jump for me.

    Decency has no political affiliation, though. And this is less about politics than it is common decency.

  4. Mack,

    I thought you’d be interested in this story out of Pennsylvania. White teens attack a Mexican immigrant, and an all-white jury acquits the two of serious charges.

    Sounds awfully familiar ….

  5. I know Jay Severin was suspended, but I don’t know his status now. The thing that’s so disturbing is that I know a lot of “nice” people that think Jay Severin is funny and when confronted with his vile comments they think I’m just over reacting. Sadly we are so fractured into two camps with an ocean of fear between us I’m not sure how we’re ever going to come together.

  6. democommie

    When people tell me that they think people like Severin are funny I have to wonder if they have that shitty a sense of humor or if they don’t want to admit that they agree with his diatribes.

  7. Two Chilean students were shot in Florida by a conservative Christian who reportedly once asked a neighbor “if I was ready for the revolution to begin and if I had any immigrant in my house to get them out.”

    I don’t think all Christians or conservatives or conservative Christians are capable of such things. But it hits home as a real danger in the America I live in.

    As I’ve said before in the posts on negativity on my blog, good conservatives have warned against this kind of tone in the past (Leslie Sanchez), have asked for forgiveness for it in Nashville’s LP Field (Sam Brownback), and have written books urging their peers to walk away from the bitterness (M. Daniel Carroll, who wrote Christians at the Border). Even the Family Research Council denounced the locally produced “Obama Waffles,” which contained a caricature of our president in Mexican attire.

    The call you’ve made is one that is growing in volume; let’s hope it’s heard from the top of the conservative mountains before too long.

  8. Sometimes it hurts to believe that freedom of speech should be protected. This Jay Severin person is one of those leaches whose speech and very existence hurts me to protect.

  9. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right – not an employment right. If his employers don’t want his views representing them anymore, I can certainly sleep well that no one’s rights have been trampled.

  10. Amber, exactly. I am certainly not calling for him to be imprisoned. And, really, firing him, though it is the right thing to do, will only mean someone else will step up to keep the same rhetoric alive, because it pays well.

  11. I just read that Michael Savage has been barred from entertaining Britain.

    ’nuff said.

  12. Also, Amber, your take on people’s reaction to him are roughly the same as people react here to our own Phil Valentine.

  13. OOOPS I meant Michael Savage has been barred from ENTERING Britain!!!


  14. The Missus

    Unfortunately, I don’t see the hate going away. That scares me. Our neighbor frequently ambushes my husband and me just to spew his hate. Another neighbor flies the confederate flag, he’s a reenactor. (sp?) Frequently I’m parked near as KKK member in the afternoon school line. They have enough hate to terrorize any/all groups they choose. Immigrants, Gays, Democrats.

    And the Tennessee state legislature wants to put more guns in more places.

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