Diamond Mack

What a great day Saturday was.pokercardsresindtc1

Fresh tamales, covered in the hottest damn green salsa on the planet, and good days chores done early in the day, and a poker tournament to cap it all off.  Travis Damn Quillin, Le Concrete Arteeeeeest, excuse me very much, brought a few guys he knew over to play a Texas Hold-em Tournament.  I was warned going in that these guys play alot of poker, and that they might plot to squeeze me since I was the fresh fish.

Of course, I got good and liquored up in preparation.  Shot of tequila.  Beer.  Another shot.  One more.  Another beer.  Ready.  I donned my straw hat, sharpened my tongue, and sat down to play.  Strange habits these guys had for seasoned players.  Over-betting small, early pots.   Tournament poker is way different than than no limit poker.  The idea is to be the guy with all of the chips at the end.  This was winner-take-all, which means second place is as good as last.  I played conservatively while the blinds were small, since, in my opinion, its pointless to try and buy pots early in a tournament.  True, its nice to establish yourself as the “Big Stack Bully”, but you need a run of playable hands and have to be willing to lose it all early, and I don’t do that unless Lady Luck deals me trips at the flop.

Once the blinds were raised, guys got bumped off pretty quickly.  In the end, it was yours truly and the guy to my immediate right, a self-described Libertarian, which made me laugh for some reason.  I had two times the number of chips he had.  I caught a King/Jack unsuited, he drew a pair of dueces, and went all in.  He really didn’t have a choice, as the blinds were eating him up, and I could leverage him out of most pots.  The flop didn’t help either of us, but the turn sealed the deal.  I caught another cowboy, and the rest of his chips with a pair that beat his dueces.  (I was probably helped by the fact that he had already smoked his lucky cigarette, and he had to go in naked, no ju ju to rely on.  I had tequila, and kept a running patter that I believe un-nerved him for the entire evening. )

I got home early, watched Supermousey eat a mountain of ice cream, and went to bed with my belly and my wallet full.  In the morning, I ate eggs with more green chile, with fresh tortillas and some sliced apples.  So, not a bad weekend.  The guys were funny and relaxed and didn’t seem to mind me working to keep them off balance from the time they sat down.  No one drew any guns, or threw any tantrums.

Basketball semi finals today, and I ain’t out of green chile.  This, as Newscoma might say, is of the good.



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6 responses to “Diamond Mack

  1. democommie

    Mmmmmm. Green Chili.

    I just had some seared scallops with rice, black beans and corn. Heat + sweet = Treat!!

    A Prairie Home Companion was at the Ryman last night. I would have been happy to be there.

  2. Cool…sounds like a perfect Saturday for you! 🙂

  3. Ooh sounds like fuuun!

  4. Oh man, you made me major homesick. (El Paso)
    People in Tennessee generally don’t know real Mexican food.
    I was fortunate enough to grow up on it, and what you described sounded like a little slice of heaven!

  5. so you fall in with the green in the red or green question?

  6. Actually, no. But it is next to impossible to find a red hot enough. When I want flavor…I choose red. But when I’m after heat…its green all day.

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