“We’re Not Redefining Marriage — We Have Lived It”

Long ago, when the Earth was flat, there were a handful of people in this country angry and fearful about the direction we were headed; two wars, irresponsible tax policy, and wholesale curtailing of basic rights were just a few of the dangerous paths the administration in charge chose to lead us.  People that spoke out were accused of everything from harboring (or being) communists, cowards, traitors, pedophiles, or Godless hippies.  Alright, a few us are Godless hippies, but that’s not the point.  People got fired for voicing their opinions.  Some were blacklisted and suffered financially.  Some of us have even been threatened with physical violence.  Yup, friends, 2000-2001 were scary times.

Fortunately, someone got the bright idea to incorporate a blog on the National Democratic website, and i have to say, without the daily contact of many of those kindred spirits, many of us might well have withered away from the sheer weight of contrary public opinion.  It was on that site that i met many people who I consider life-long friends.

Eight years, a new administration, and a few gray hairs later (not on me, of course) some of us have moved on, but not completely.  Today, I received some of the best news I’ve gotten in quite some time.  One of us, the Rev Jim, is a polite, unassuming, easy going guy.  Gay as all get out.  I’m talkin gay.  Gay.  He fits every stereotype of a gayful gay guy.  From his bib overalls to his truck, he just sets off the gaydar.  I kid.  I mean, I’m a better decorator.  I’m way prettier, come to think of it.  Anyway, he and his remarkable partner, Robert,  live in Gay Paradise, in the world’s most gay-ly hospitable State in the Union- North Carolina.

Of course, everyone knows that gayly gay people are unable or unwilling to form lasting relationships.  We all know that just a passing glimpse of say, the mailman, wearing those sexy blue-grey wool shorts (who doesn’t love a man in uniform?) usually spells certain death to a gay couple’s future.  So, they tend to go through shack-up after shack-up, all the while being miserable in their chosen gayness.  The Rev Jim and Robert are no exceptions, their 16 yr old shack-up is about to end.

Because they are getting married!  To each other! In Vermont! These guys have been through some tough damn spots, y’all.  Homelessness and near death sickness couldn’t break their bond to each other.  Jim wrote me this morning to announce the impending nuptials, and the title of this post is a direct quote from him.  (I wasn’t going to give him credit, but, well, I might attend the wedding, and, I’m afraid of him a little)

I can’t tell you how happy I am for these two friends.  Seriously, congrats, Dude.  Bring me back some maple syrup?  I ran out of the stuff Beantown Bob brung me….


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9 responses to ““We’re Not Redefining Marriage — We Have Lived It”

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  2. Awesome story, Love it. Congrats to Jim and Robert.

  3. democommie


    Great story. I was just in VT about 10 days ago. It’s GAY as HELL, now. Every place I looked there was evidence of societal breakdown. Dogs shacked up with cats. Normally taciturn Vermonters spoutin Proust and Baudelaire. Latte and capucino at the Grab’n’Go’s. Next thing you know they’ll send a frikkin’ socialist to Washington. Oh, wait, Bernie Sanders–been there, done that–nevermind.

    Yeah, so the GAY have taken over the whole state and it’s unlivable, now. /snark.

    Hey, if you DO go up for the wedding, make sure you let me know. Maybe we can get together for a meal or something. Brattleboro is about 3-1/2 hours from where I am.

    Do you want maple syrup? Say the word.

  4. Rev

    Thanks Brother Mack for the shout-out. There’s just a select few folks who’d celebrate with us and we wanted you to be among the first to know.

    Uh, Bill Maher said “who cares who gets married to and quits having sex with whom”. So, after 13-1/2 years, was that a threat? Was there a detail I forgot? I could always rely on your wise counsel…

    PS: The civil service is in Vermont. The Union and barbecue is back home in NC, where they actually have decent barbecue. Some things us suthreners just hafta do for ourselves. Especially when it scares hell out the neighbors.

  5. supermousey

    Congrats, guys. I’m happy people of the same sex can get married /somewhere./

  6. Ah I’m so excited and so pissed because I live in California where we had gay marriage for all of six months. Ugh.

  7. LOL LOL LOL!!!

    We got the same e-mail and we were touched by the same line.

    I met so many great people at the DNC’s Kicking Ass, including Mack and our mutal, soon-t0-be-wedded friend. I hate to get all sappy but the Democratic Party really did bring a lot of great people together who might not have found each other in any other way. Oh, and thanks to Al Gore for inventing the internet, too.

    I’m so happy for our friends, and just sorry that this same happiness can’t be brought to thousands of people here in Tennessee — some of whom I know — because of the small-minded, backwater mentality that has become endemic here.

  8. “The sky is falling.” said chicken little to the world. Allowing gay folks to get hitched will more than likely increase economic growth. All the wedding gifts that would be purchased could directly grow our nation’s economy. People should buy stock in rainbows.

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