Gets Hard Fast

New Mexican Sun cut in and stained, nice!

New Mexican Sun cut in and stained, nice!

Concrete, that is. (Ha, that will wreak havoc on my search engine referral stats!)

For years, the Primary Wife wanted a concrete patio.  Stepping off of our recently covered deck (a job I did myself, and am quite proud of, but that wore me out) was a muddy endeavor, especially in the Fall and Spring.   I don’t know a thing about pouring concrete, and just assumed it would be too pricey to contract out.  In an effort to get The primary Wife out of my ear about it, I decided to get some bids….

The first guy I talked with knew less than I did, but was determined to bid the job anyway.  He could have bid zero, and he wasn’t getting the gig.  A few others missed the appointment entirely.  Two showed up on time, and assumed that putting their children through college was a good trade for a small concrete patio.  I was tickled, of course, since my intent was to show The Primary Wife the bids, have a good laugh with her, and forget the whole damn thing.  Then God had to stick his nose all up in my bidness, and directed one Travis Damn Quillin to my house. Travis, you see, is a dad to one of Eggnog’s little school friends, and he came by to pick up his son who had been playing at our house.  I must have mentioned something about wanting a patio, and, as it turns out, Travis Damn Quillin is not just your garden variety concrete man, he is a concrete artist.  Excuuuuuusssssseeee me.

Well, Travis Damn Quillin, it turns out, needed some work done at his place, so we agreed on a price for the concrete, and swapped labor.  As is our habit, the job kept evolving, and eventually included a firepit, since we love to build a fire outside and cook stuff in a big ol pot.  Anyway, yes, the labor swap was important, but he would have gotten the job anyway, because he was informative, relaxed, smart, and polite.  Turns out, he has been doing this since he was 14, and recently decided that he needed to strike out on his own.  He is a 25 yr old with a family, and his employer kept laying him off during slow periods, and he needs steady work, as do we all.

I can’t tell you how impressed I was with this young guy’s work ethic, and his commitment to doing the very best job possible.  It is gutsy to quit even periodic employment to stake his own claim, but I believe Travis Damn Quillin has what it takes to make a go of it in this new, uncertain economy.  I know I wish him well.  Look at the finished product!


This is the horse's view of the house.



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9 responses to “Gets Hard Fast

  1. That’s pretty spiffy!

  2. democommie


    A damn fine job. See what he wants to do my driveway with the democommie logo (Hammer and Popsicle). Hey, you’re a handy guy. Whaddaya think it would take to put some solar lights on the side of my driveway and get ’em to strobe when I’m comin’ in late at night? I’m sure my neighbors would appreciate it more than the
    sirens and signal fires that I now use.

  3. I’m thinking we may have stumbled on a market for all those used disco balls from the 80s…..

  4. democommie


    Wow! I hadn’t thought about that!

    Hey, you wanna drive up your stats?

    “Stays hard for a LOT longer than 4 hours!”

  5. Very cool. Although the first picture kind of looks like an ashtray. No scale.

  6. Exador, it is a huge ashtray, if you think about it.

  7. democommie


    Did Mr. Beaver stay gone?

  8. Demo, sorry I haven’t had time for frivolous pursuits, such as checking in with my flat tailed friends. I’m a busy man, you see, and what with 38 mouths to feed, (some of them go 1200 lbs, bone dry) I just can’t go wandering off to the far side….

    Come and check for yerself.

  9. democommie

    I’ll send one of the black helicopters.

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