The Girls Get Spruced Up!

I wrote a little about the all of the wonderful people I met at Thistle Farms a while back.  It made me happy to see this bit o news… seems the ladies got a day of pampering, courtesy of Elysium Day Spa, and got soaked,brushed, rubbed and polished, and my guess is that most of them have never had a day like it before.  I hope y’all had a blast, and I think the owners of Elysium Spa should be proud to have offered this.  Can I come next time?



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2 responses to “The Girls Get Spruced Up!

  1. democommie


    This is precisely the sort of thing that would go a long way towards eliminating the need for a lot of the costly social welfare programs. The trick is getting more people (all people?) involved. The other thing, of course, is that it has to be seen as a pleasure to do service, not some form of penance.

  2. Yes! When people feel that they are a part of something, (society, for instance) they tend to contribute to it and protect it.

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