More To The Story?

South American Corporations that produce toxic waste on a large scale contracted with criminal organizations to dispose of it for pennies on the dollar.  The waste was then dumped into the Gulf of Mexico, and almost immediately Amercians living along the coast began to suffer horribly.  In addition, parts of the Gulf have been overrun with foreign fishing vessels, and American fishermen can no longer make a living in their own waters.  Finally, in a desperate act, local fishermen and others began to patrol their waters to deter both waste dumping vessels and illegal fishing vessels, and, if unsuccessful, to at least levy a “tax” on the perpetrators.

Of course, the above paragraph is not true.  Change a few words, and its possible it is an accurate description of the conditions that spawned the so called Somali pirates.  There is an informative article here, and one here, and I make no claims as to the accuracy of those posts.  It seems entirely possible that Corporations took short cuts and Governments looked the other way while the Somali coast was ravaged.  I hope there is more coverage on the conditions that led to these tragic events.  Of course I am happy that Captain Phillips is safe and sound.  Of course I am aware that many of these so-called pirates are nothing more than criminals.  Its just that reality is often quite complicated, and while most Americans are happy to dismiss the events off the Somali coast as mere piracy, I have found that being skeptical of media coverage is a good thing.

I’m withholding judgement until I’ve read more.



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6 responses to “More To The Story?

  1. democommie


    I think I saw the same piece in an online edition of the Baltimore Sun. It might be true, but there’s a raft of other stories, from people reporting in Somalia, that don’t support the notion that all of the pirates are altruistic patriots. As you say, we can wait for the story.

  2. I’ve been trying to find an article that I read last week. It nicely detailed how the colonial powers arbitrarily drew the borders to make up Somalia, with no regard to tribal affiliation. (Certainly not the only time that happened)
    Of course leading to the county collapsing in on itself with a succession of warlords fighting for power.

  3. democommie


    I rarely agree with you, but I think you’re accurate on this. It appears that Somalia has not been a distinct geopraphic or united political entity for much, if any, of it’s existence going back to time of the Caesars.

    Iraq, without the oil.

  4. I think Obama did a masterful thing by telling the Navy to take the son of a bitches out. If you mess with our citizens you deserve to be dealt with severely. I am grateful for his policies of diplomacy, but was skeptical if Obama would have stood up for his citizens in a foreign land with lethal force.

  5. Well, Concrete, it was pretty much a no brainer. I never doubted if Obama would act to protect U.S. citizens, btw…but hell, if this establishes his defense bona fides, fine.

    Yes, the lack of any kind of Govt allowed these abuses of their waters to take place. But where is the U.N? Who watches out for those that cannot defend themselves? Dumping toxic waste into any waters should be considered tantamount to mass murder. To hell with protocol.

  6. Now if only Obama would follow it up with a battleship shelling of the coastline.

    Oh Well.

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