FGF- Heal It Up

Long time Coyote fans will remember when I admitted that Johnette Napolitano and Chrissy Hynde both have it pretty bad for me.  I know this because Chrissy wrote “Tattooed Love Boys” for me, (actually, she wrote most of her music to please me) and well, Johnette responded with this:

The video is a bit cheesy, but GAWD that wailing voice, and check out the guitar work around 2 1/2 minutes in, simple yet so damn haunting…

Gah, linked to the wrong song on the first attempt.  I think i got it now.



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2 responses to “FGF- Heal It Up

  1. democommie


    If I invest in all of the candles and rose petals and such, will she show up at my house. Oh, I don’t got no doves, lots of pigeons and starlings around thought. I could spray paint them.

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