Pointless Live-blogging With Jim Cooper

Since i do not commute into nashville on a daily basis, I was unsure what time to leave to make an 8:00 a.m. meeting near Vanderbilt.  Let me be clear about this…leaving at 6:00 a.m. is unnecessary.  I intended to be here early, sure, but the meeting is supposed to take place at this trendy coffee boutique and i got here before they unlocked the doors!  I wandered down the street to that wildly popular place that sells 9 dollar pancakes.  Ha.  I had some toast and orange juice feel lucky that i got some change from my double sawbuck.

Interestingly, this coffee place, located in a part of town that I always assumed takes great pride in being “connected”, has only three electrical outlets.  The wifi signal is nice and strong, but if my laptop battery performs like i suspect…the wifi won’t matter.  I’ll go dark.  And you, good and gentle readers, will suffer for it.  All I can say is that I didn’t call this meeting, and i didn’t pick the place.  Seems like nobody ever wants to meet in Rivergate…

So I’m here first, of course, watching harried commuters go by on what i think is 21st.  The machine that makes your coffee all frothy is pretty loud.  Plus, not a single beatnik in sight.  (I can’t believe beatnik got past my spell-checker)

I may very well try to live-blog this here meetin with the good Congressman, who, btw, I single-handedly elected to the U.S. Senate last night in a hastily constructed email.  Usually, I handle my liquor better than that.  Considering that Congressman Cooper agreed to speak at my MoveOn fundraiser before bowing out last minute, you’d think i wouldn’t make a mistake like that, sloshed or not.  Southern Beale was nice enough to point out my error in all caps this morning.  I hate her.

I got nuthin.  Well, it looks like Carissa’s Antiques is closing down, there is a sign on the window that says “Baby #4, Mommy out the door”.  Strikes me as odd, like running a business with 3 babies is no problem, but 4 is just right out.  Or did i miss the point on the sign?

Spragens just drove in, nice ride John.  Big ass Obama sticker on the rear glass.  My man.

I suppose I’ll hit submit now, and continue this until my computer gives up.



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16 responses to “Pointless Live-blogging With Jim Cooper

  1. Well, from experience commuting for years and years, I can tell you that the amount of time it takes is inversly proportional to the closer it gets to the time you need to be there. So, leaving at six may have gotten you there long before anything opened, but leaving a half-hour later would have gotten you there about a half-hour early. Leaving around 6:45 would have been just about enough time to find a parking spot and get coffee.

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  3. Pingback: Bloggers Meet With Congressman Cooper : Post Politics: Political News and Views in Tennessee

  4. The Missus

    I’m anxiously waiting your full report. Will you have video?

  5. i gotta say, it cracks me that kleinheider linked to this, i guess he did it because it contains the name “Cooper”, but as advertised, its pretty pointless.

  6. benintn

    don’t drink and blog. haven’t you seen the Bredesen ads? There’s jail and shadows and stuff. Almost as scary as the National Assocation of Marriage “storm” ads!

  7. I’d love to see one of the klatsches take place with attendees other than those who are of the same party or package of ideals as the attending representative.

    From the rundown at B.’s it sounds as though everyone there was decidedly left. Reps would score more points with me if they’d meet with a broader representation of their constituents.

    And I can’t tell for sure from looking at the map, but are YOU even in the 5th district?

  8. Coble, while its true that most if not all of those in attendance lean left, none of us are fawning sycophants. He got asked some tough questions. In fact, Cooper is not all that lefty to me, or, if he is, he is pragmatic above all else. I think it would be a good idea to meet with so called independents, but beyond that….why meet with Republicans? They aren’t going to vote for him, and nothing he can say will placate them either.

    And everybody avoids the Libertarians. 😉

  9. JS

    I asked Mack in part because he’s been involved with discussions about 287(g) from the beginning, so even though he’s a Robertson Countian he’s a strong voice in a federal policy that affects Middle TN.

    While I don’t know everyone’s party affiliation who was present this morning, many of the folks represented have been very critical of Jim and may well continue to be. As I explained to the group, the bloggers who were invited were ones I knew in person and by reputation, who weren’t affiliated with “mainstream” (sorry Freddie) media, and who I thought would give him a fair hearing (e.g., I’d never seen them categorically declare that all Democrats are idiots). I was also concerned that if we had too broad a spectrum represented we would spend more time debating ideology than talking policy.

    That said, these things are a work in progress, and as Jim said, this won’t be the last one he does. He wants to get more voices involved. That’s why I asked all the bloggers who joined us this morning to think about who might do the next one. If you’re interested, let them–and me–know.

    Thanks again to all who participated. Jim enjoyed it, even though I think we used up what was left of his voice.

    Oh, and Mack–my mom was nice enough to let me borrow her car while I’m in Nashville. I’m proud that she’s still proudly displaying her Obama sticker, though.

  10. From the rundown at B.’s it sounds as though everyone there was decidedly left.

    There were only 5 people there. And yeah I’d say we were all liberals. But it wasn’t a press conference. And I’ve had some pretty harsh words for Coop on my blog so clearly it wasn’t a meeting of sycophants.

    There will be other meetings in the future so anyone upset they weren’t invited shouldn’t feel like they were being dissed. But as for whether conservative bloggers or Republicans should be there, what the hell for? How many invitations do I get to all blogger meetups and conference calls the Republicans hold? Zero.

    The Dems are finally doing some outreach to the liberal blogosphere and I applaud this. Any conservative blogger who wants a statement from the Congressman can call his press office.

  11. And everybody avoids the Libertarians.

    Yeah, pick a side, people! Membership has its privileges! I’m sure if Ron Paul were in town I’d be the last person invited.


  12. But as for whether conservative bloggers or Republicans should be there, what the hell for?

    Because Jim Cooper is their employee.

  13. democommie

    “Because Jim Cooper is their employee.”

    Oh, yeah; that’s gonna leave a mark. Especially considering how accomodating George the Worst was in inviting those with whom he disagreed to his shindigs.

  14. If you wanna sink to his level, don’t let me stop you. If you wanna be better than he, you’ve got to do better. No use saying “the other dude played unfair first.”

    Either we’re Hoping and Changing or we’re not. Your call.

  15. with attendees other than those who are of the same party or package of ideals as the attending representative

    This is simply hilarious; I was probably lucky to even be considered for inclusion given my scoldings of everything Blue Dog at Enclave. I was impressed that both John and Rep. Cooper would include a hard-hearted, praise-poor critic like me. As far as I’m concerned it took a lot more moxy for Rep. Cooper, who is conservative in significant ways, to invite an embattled blue-island liberal than to invite the red-state Tennessee Republicans who surround him at every turn. If you think he was facing a friendly audience, you don’t know that audience. I’ll be right back to scrapping as soon as he casts another in a long line of votes that I don’t like.

  16. democommie

    Katherine Coble:

    Oh, yeah, you’re a person whose moral authority trumps mine.

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