Maybe I’ll Buy A Condo

Man.  I’m whipped.  The last few weeks have been exhausting.  I built a huge above ground garden, framed by landscape timbers, four 8×4 raised beds.  The seedlings are doing well in the bathroom, we have tomatoes, peppers, onions, lettuce, carrots cucumbers,melons, breakfast cereals, and fruitbats. The concrete patio is done, complete with a built-in fire pit, and stained in a leathery color.  The drive has been re-graded, fill dirt and top-soil spread, and a new drive put in to the barn.  I have re-directed water run off either into two strategically placed rain barrels, or, diverted away from the house via 3inch PVC I laid in the ground.  I hurt in places I can no longer reach.

The chicken coop will be done, that is, inhabited by chickens as soon as i get a three day stretch of no rain.  I have already measured and cut what needs to go up next.  I still have to move tons of cut firewood out of the horse pens, or paddocks, if you will, and put up some fence along the holding pen.  We seeded the area and placed straw everywhere.

I want to go and sit on a beach and drink tequila and look at women.  But I have to wait until all this nonsense is done.  Sometimes, it sucks being a grown-up.

I’ve been too busy to really think through any political stuff, except to say that, excuse me, Mr. Obama, but to hell with considering the knuckleheads that the GOP lets speak for them.  Do what you promised to do, live with the results.  BTW, I think its awesome that you and Michelle have a garden, and that you are paying for White House renovations out of pocket.  Now go forth and get your legislation passed.

Then see what you can do about the preponderance of LED signs over in Nashville.  And throw a bone to Chip over at the TNDP.

Thats all I got today.



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12 responses to “Maybe I’ll Buy A Condo

  1. democommie


    Every time I read one of your “work” posts I want to hide my head in shame–under the blankets, with some soothing music! Unless you’re dying to have your sleep pattern completely destroyed, forget the rooster. I used to live with a lady who had about a dozen or so layers. Everything was fine until she got a rooster and then let a couple of hens hatch a clutch of eggs–and wound up with several more roosters. What ensued was NOT hilarity.

  2. I want to go and sit on a beach and drink tequila and look at women.

    May I please join you? I’ll even look at women with you just to get to a beach!

  3. Demo, probably no roosters for awhile, just hens, and, in the beginning, just for eggs. Eventually, I’ll eat fresh chicken, but I have to rig a place to slaughter, and boil, and what not.

    Ginger, can we rate them while were at it?

  4. Heh. I planted five pots of herbs.

    I guess I’m an underachiever!

  5. Raised beds are the only way to go. Less weeds, you can sit down to weed and pick.

    My dad always got me involved in his ideas about turning the yard into a minimum maintenance environment – but it took too damn much work to get to that minimum maintenance goal.

    I just cleared out 20 feet of blackberries along both sides of the fence row so I can replace them with raspberries. You win.

  6. Maybe there should be a prize?

  7. There wasn’t one? Well, then, all I got is this video – at least it’ll give you a laugh:

  8. democommie

    jim voorhies:

    I hope some real middle managers and executives were discomfited in the making of that video!

  9. I want to go and sit on a beach and drink tequila and look at women.

    Hey now, there are two groups of people who are not allowed to do this- your parents and your children.

    I have this vision now of my father the Mexican (yes THEE Mexican) on the beach looking at women.



  10. Okay, I meant to put that first sentence in quotations, but I think you get my point.

  11. Well, I’m only looking at Mexican women anyway.

  12. democommie


    “Well, I’m only looking at Mexican women anyway.”

    Sure you are.

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