Counter Intuitive

Well, just when I finally make up my mind about raising chickens, (I’m going to throw caution to the wind, and probably a few chickens to the hawks, but, I’m in) I read an article in The Farm Show about two guys that raise sheep, and sell the wool.  I have no interest in shearing sheep per se, but what caught my eye was that the sub-quality wool, typically thrown out because it has no value to fabric makers or what have you, now has a market:  as insulation.

Anybody out there ever live on a sheep farm?  I have acreage, good grass, even in Winter, and produce enough hay to supplement…but I have no idea whats involved with raising/shearing sheep.  Ever since my goats became small, horned horses, I am hesitant to introduce new animals here until i know more about them.  Maybe i should visit a sheep farm. (Ranch?)

I can’t believe I’m considering even more mouths to feed around here.  But mark my words, I will eat a fresh chicken by Summer’s end.  First, though, I have to talk the Primary Wife or The Missus into plucking the sonofabitch…



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4 responses to “Counter Intuitive

  1. democommie


    My limited experience with sheep (a former landlord kept a flock of about 10-15 for lawn ornamentation) is that they are much dumber than stumps. For what it costs in time and money to keep them I don’t think it’s a reasonable payback. If you were gonna make some cheese from their milk or eat their babies it might make sense; or, if you were going to get some exotic woolies whose wool is worth big bucks… Oh, yeah, if you get some baa-baa’s think about getting a llama, otherwise the mouths you’re feeding might be coyotes’.

  2. Hell, if you’re gonna have to pluck something, make it worthwhile – get emus.

  3. The Missus

    I’m excited, can’t wait to see them.

  4. democommie

    jim voorhies:

    Of course plucking emus is not for the faint of heart.


    I’m sure there’s some cottage industry in the Nashville area that can fabricate Kaiser Wilhelm style helmets for your poultry (with the spikes on top) just to keep the hawks honest.

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