Normally, I don’t read or share stories like this one. I hate the paparazzi, I hate “tell all” rags and websites, and I usually stop reading HuffPo about a third of the way down because I don’t care about celeb “news”.  But I had to share this for one reason…it is entirely coincidental to my day yesterday.

I took the Primary Wife to Opry Mills Mall yesterday so she could pick up something for Supermousey’s B-day.  As malls go, I don’t mind this one too much, it has a Sun n Ski sports shop that I like, and a tool store that carries hard to find stuff, and I can kill hours drooling over saws, clamps, pnuematic accessories and air compressors.  Normally, I walk fast through the other parts of the mall, as it is filled with pushy kids hawking everything from sea salt scrubs to hair straighteners.

But, its the Shammy guys I love to watch.  I am in awe when i see them at work.  I’m pretty comfortable giving presentations, to 4 or 400 people.  But I just couldn’t do what these guys do.  Once they get a couple of gullible tourists at their kiosk, they launch into a demonstration/presentation/sales-pitch that is a throwback to carnival barker days.  Constant chatter, constant engagement with their audience.  What they really do well, though, is instantly recognize buying signals, and they can close one person while still presenting to the rest.  It really is a thing of beauty.

I laugh when I see people walking through that mall clutching their little yellow towels they over-paid for.  And there are a lot of them.



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3 responses to “Mesmerized

  1. democommie


    Damn, I knew I shoulda stopped at that place! Do they have sea salt scrubs from, like, the Arabian Sea, the Gulf of Tonkin and the Dardanelle Straits? cuz’ I need them for my colletction. I’m hoping to use them when I get a bathtub (or maybe just hot water). Anyway, thanks for mentioning the Sham Wow’s but I buy mine online, much cheaper. I only pay $12.99 for one and get, NOT ONE, NOT TWO, BUT THREE FREE SHAM-WOW’S for the same low price + $69.95 s&h.

  2. democommie


    I should have read the backstory first. Sounds like there was a lot of blood spatter. I sure hope Billy Mays was nearby with some “OxiClean”.

  3. Two sets of Sham Wows $19.95
    One tongue bite by a hooker $1,000
    Demo throwing in a reference to Billy Mays, Priceless.

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