Tea, Anyone?

A brutal but necessary smack-down of those who desperately cling to the idea that they can always just “go Galt.”



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2 responses to “Tea, Anyone?

  1. democommie

    Egads! just when you think that these people could not be more stupid.

    It sorta reminds me of a friend of mine who, while driving past the “compound” of a survivalist (who, as it happened, was also a drug dealer and murderer) said, ” It’s nice of folks like him to let folks like me know where the food, medicine and guns are going to be, after Armageddon. All I have is the guns.” What a bunch of maroons.

  2. So his big point is that Rand didn’t agree with conservatives? No shit. Hell, I don’t agree with conseratives, especially with all their Biblethumping and moralizing. They want to run our lives just as much as the liberals, just under different rules. I think anyone who’s read Atlas Shrugged could figure that one out.

    As for the whole Going Galt thing: People need to recall that all the “producers” in that book HAD their Objectivist paradise all set up. They could check in on the collapsing society, then hop back to their utopia in the mountains, independant of interference, or taxes. The real world runs a little differently.

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