FGF-Long Awaited

Mary Mancini fills us in on the long overdue decision by Mr. Hatcher of the Wilson Post to discontinue a column written by Phil Valentine.  Bravo.  I’m sharing a letter I wrote him today, thanking him for having the guts to take on this poorly educated, heartless, and self-aggrandizing thug:

Color me surprised!  Since moving to Tennessee 6 years ago, I have long wondered why this self-serving radio whore is so popular.  He fancies himself some sort of self-made man and Grand Patriot, and continually wraps his hate filled rhetoric in our flag.  He claims to adhere to long standing Christian principles, yet seems oblivious to the ones involving compassion.  I have waited for years for someone to stand up to him, and you, Mr. Hatcher, finally did.  I have little doubt that his mindless sycophants will scream loudly about “censorship” with respect to your decision to discontinue running his column.  Pay them no mind, Sir.  All they know is negativity and discontent.  Your letter lifted my spirits, and I believe provided many readers a breath of fresh air, unpolluted by his toxic views.


EDIT:  Also, in the spirit of Feel Good Friday…I offer this:



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4 responses to “FGF-Long Awaited

  1. democommie


    If only the publishers of the WaPo, WSJ, NYT and other large scale dailies and the program directors of broadcast and cable companies would apply a small amount of the common sense and fair mindedness apparent in the editor’s column.

  2. Mack! You are so awesome for writing Mr. Hatcher. Thanks for the follow through. xo, Mary

  3. The news about Valentine’s column made me feel good. The “Beat It” music video … not so much.


  4. you just don’t know good music, Beale.

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