100% Rise On Craiglist!

Its hard to believe I’m not glued to my computer these days, what with all the stimulating discussion going on about the TNDP and other semi-related nonsense, but I had to check in during my lunch break and I Stumbled Upon this article. Long time readers of The Chronicles (both of you!) will know that I “predicted” a rise in cashless bartering over two years ago.  I’m convinced that this can be done more effectively, and by that I mean less chance of fraud, by websites that cater to smaller areas, say counties, or even small towns.

Nothing appeals to me more than a fair trade of either goods or services.  It isn’t just the savings of cash, but it is time that presents an opportunity to interact with neighbors or friends.  We could all use more time spent with neighbors and friends.

More later, back to work.  Carry on, all you precious nonny mooses.



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2 responses to “100% Rise On Craiglist!

  1. Great news! We are returning to our roots!

    A couple of years ago I read about dumpster divers. After getting over my knee-jerk, ignorance-inspired reaction (“ewww”) I became fascinated at the idea. It’s just a modern-day version of gleaning.

    Bartering, and gleaning are time-honored traditions as old as human society. They’re even mentioned in the Bible. Okay, so is prostitution. But the bottom line is, there are some practices that predate things like stock markets , futures trading, banking, mortgages, and everything else that has put our modern day economy in a twist.

    Bartering will never go away because it works, and it’s a way of holding communities together.

  2. I’m willing to barter with prostitutes. Whatcha got?


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