FGF- Politically Incorrect Edition

When I was young, I loved everyone on this stage.  I never missed one of these.  Watching it is kinda comforting.


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7 responses to “FGF- Politically Incorrect Edition

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  2. The Missus

    I remember watching these with my Dad. My dad would sometimes laugh so hard he would cry. I know who all the people are except one, the lady in the turquoise dress, who is she? Watching it I realize I was much too young to get most of the jokes.

  3. The Missus

    Wow, that’s impressive.

  4. democommie


    What’s interesting to me is to see the way the other comics reacted to Foster Brooks. That sort of comedy was considered “raunchy” back in the day.

  5. Demo, check your email, then call me.

  6. They don’t call it the golden age of television for nothing. That was great!
    I don’t know if you would be interested or not, but the orginal What’s My Line is on at 2 am on channel 179(Game SHow Network) and after that, the orignal TO Tell The Truth, though EML is classic. It’s up to 1959 now. The panel members are bright, funny and like a real family. Ck it out.:)

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