No, He Didn’t

Michael Steele, the new boss of the GOP, gave an interview to the Washington Times. (surprise!)

Did he really say “off the hook?”  Hip hop makeover?  I about busted a gut reading the HuffPo comments. (something I typically don’t do, it seems all the illiterate progressives land there).  My favorite:

Yo, Dawg! MC Steel is in the hizzle and wants all his Peeps to get the 411 on the ‘G! O! P! what’s in it for me?’ tour! To start with, you don’t have to pay the Man taxes on your bling – bling! Use yor baby’s mama for a deduction! Lower taxes for you and your Homeys! No gun control, mac-9 for shizzle! Don’t let the lilly white democrats roll up on your crib and try to tax your capital gains. Keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind
And most important for all you hard core Ganstas out there, if you do a drive by and pop a cap in some Punk’s ass, no health care!




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2 responses to “No, He Didn’t

  1. democommie


    I suppose the RNC could have tapped Alan Keyes. Steele is a reliable UTOreo as far as the Good Ol Boy Party is concerned.

  2. Everyone make way for the Notorious GOP!

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