The Future Is Now

Next year, Nissan will offer a totally electric vehicle with a 100 mile range.  That is more than 95% of drivers need each day.  Next. Year.

In ten, will we have figured out how to reduce the size of batteries for these cars to roughly the size of a cell-phone?

Anyone out there remember what a one gig hard drive used to look like?  It was the size of a television, and costs thousands.  Last year, I bought a 1 gig storage drive for ten dollars at Radio Shack.  It looked like this:


There is no good reason not to want this.  Not only will an all electric vehicle produce no emissions, it also won’t require much maintenance.  There is no oil to be changed.  Very few moving parts.  Quiet, too.

I realize that for awhile, we will be dependent on coal to produce the electricity required to charge our new cars.  OK.  Meanwhile, perhaps some of our children will be finding ways to harness solar so that it is affordable to the average family.

Lets get the ball rolling.



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5 responses to “The Future Is Now

  1. democommie

    MY first computer had two floppies, no hard disk–cost about three times as much as my 80G/2G Ram notebook–which is an antique now that it’s almost two years old.

  2. Anyone out there remember what a one gig hard drive used to look like?

    Yes!!! I do!!

    My first computer used *tape* .. like, cassette tapes. It was a Kaypro. It wasn’t mine, it belonged to the company where I worked. While technically not portable (certainly not by today’s standards), I would pack the thing up Friday’s and lug it home to catch up on work. Sucker weighed at least 20 pounds.

    Now I sit on the sofa with my MacBook on my lap, knowing that the next generation of computer is just 6 mos. away and technology is obsolete almost as soon as I buy it.

    I want one of those electric cars. There’s no reason to not want it. Let’s do this thing, already!

  3. Better start saving my cash for the electric car. That’s one trend I might want to get in on early.

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  5. My first computer used *tape* .. like, cassette tapes. It was a Kaypro.

    Damn, you’re old, Beale – or were you just an infant then? 🙂 Sadly, I recall when people didn’t even dream of a whole gig on a drive.

    The progress in better battery technology (and better includes no spontaneous combustion as well) has sucked. It will really have to crank up to shrink the batteries to the size of one of those SanDisks.

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