The Worst Kind Of Cowardice

Good Lord.  By now, unless you are Joaquin Phoenix, you are well aware that some woman out in California underwent fertility treatments and gave birth to a platoon.  I don’t agree with her decision to do this, and I am disappointed that her family and her doctor didn’t give her better counsel, but damn, I’m uncomfortable even weighing in on this…

Apparently, some people have decided to issue death threats to the poor woman.  I have to ask, why?  Is the prospect of having to pitch in a few pennies to keep those babies healthy so distasteful that you would threaten to kill their mother?

I’m tellin ya, its this kind of cowardice that will be the end of us.  Sure, she should be the ultimate cautionary tale.  She has indeed made decisions that are clearly not in the best interests of her new children, or the ones that came before.  Obviously, the woman has issues.  Any doctor worth his degree should have seen that.

Where the hell are you pro-life people?  She really needs ya.



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6 responses to “The Worst Kind Of Cowardice

  1. I saw this story yesterday and was just appalled. According to some editions of the story, about the threats:

    “The bulk of them just rail against her being, as they would refer to her, as a person who’s taking advantage of the system, and they just go from there.”

    I can’t imagine people being so wrapped up in money that they’d issue death threats against a mother for this. It’s one thing to say she was irresponsible — and she probably was. But death threats? There’s a huge unhinged element in society that no one has really addressed.

    I thought the anti-liberal rantings of the Knoxville church shooter would have sparked some of that but sadly, no. Kinda proved that the far right wacko contingent rules the media these days.

  2. Agree about the death threats, but you know, people sometimes make death threats over sports calls; it just verifies the Fall of Man.

    Of course, no one has any idea what pro-life groups and individuals are or aren’t doing (for some , bragging about good works is forbidden).

    You are a reasonable person – why don’t you leave the lame cheap shots to that humorless old biddy?


  3. Because it wasn’t a cheap shot, Slarti. The woman needs, at least for now, public support from those groups. Besides, I’ve never known conservative groups to be shy about calling attention to themselves…

  4. democommie


    I think the woman may be suffering from some variant of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Regardless, threatening her is idiocy. She needs help on several levels.

    What I wonder is what the idiot doctor was thinking when he performed the implant procedure. The woman already had numerous children and is reportedly single and unemployed. I think the doc needs to investigated and quite possibly have his license suspended.

    One can only hope that the children will grow and thrive without being sideshow freaks.

  5. I echo democommie’s last 2 paragraphs. Totally. That doctor should have his/her license pulled forever.

  6. “Good Lord. By now, unless you are Joaquin Phoenix, you are well aware that some woman out in California underwent fertility treatments and gave birth to a platoon.”

    This sentence is amazing. It wins.

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