FGF- For My Dad

These two used to make him laugh, loud and hard, and well, that was rare in our house.  I loved them too.



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6 responses to “FGF- For My Dad

  1. The Missus

    My dad used to watch them too. He had few of their albums. Watching it really brings back old memories.

  2. hotcakes boiled in cabbage juice – priceless. I used to watch them myself – but I was very young…

  3. Amber

    That was great – thank you!

  4. democommie


    This was from a period in my life when my father hated the “Smothers Brothers”, thought Archie Bunker was reality TV and KNEW that Liberace wasn’t a queer–he was from the same 475K square mile section of prairie and there were no non-manly men on that range! Of course, since I loved the SB and thought Archie Bunker’s character was based on my dad, we had some differences of opinion. I miss him every day.

  5. I enjoyed that. Thanks, Mack.

  6. Demo, my dad was a drunk, a gambler, and a womanizer.

    I worshipped him.

    (h/t John Travolta)

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