Herding Cats

Like Beale, I missed the meeting where it was decided to launch the “Chip In” initiative, so I am late to post this.  Also, like Beale, I lack the skills to put one of those fancy buttons on my blog (Paging my personal assistant) so I’ll just link to S-Town Mike, who has it.  Seems we are ahead of expectations.  I’ve known since 04 that there are plenty of other ways to raise money besides asking the same old fatcats to write checks and then expect the Party to do their bidding.  I’ll take a check to TNDP HQ tommorow, since I’m not using my credit card this quarter.  Or next.

A couple of things….can we get a coordinated effort going to keep Bredesen as far as possible from the Obama administration?  Please?  Whats next, Daron Hall for head of Homeland Security?  He already has one Democrat he is passing secret messages to….

Ha, I love it when I get all snarky.



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3 responses to “Herding Cats

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  2. “I missed the meeting where it was decided to launch the “Chip In” initiative, ”

    You’re missing the irony.

    Give me a call. It would be good to talk.

  3. PS–
    Since you weren’t aware of my resume, or I should say, chose to believe lies about it, then you probably don’t know about my TennCare documentary that proves Bredesen lied. It’s up on YouTube now, and you might want to direct people there because I include internal emails from the Gov. to his staff proving he lied about the cuts, and then I have him in his own words in my film that his cuts would cause people to die. I also embedded with the protesters and got some shots no one else got.

    Did it ever occur to you your friend who lies and lies about me is wrong, and not me?

    This film is just one more thing to add to my resume.

    Your friend can add…let’s see…a new type of beer to his/her resume, while I really am out there doing the heavy lifting. And I can prove that, too.

    For the truth, call. You have my number.

    My email and AOL account was hacked, (Hackers even posted as someone pretending to be me) and I wouldn’t feel comfortable talking via email.

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