Future Darwin Award Winner

I keep trying to be sad for him. Really.  I just don’t have it.  Jim Voorhies likes to post about the spam he gets, and yeah, I get that Jim is brighter than most, but how stupid do you have to be to expect riches from a random email?

If some con-artist from Nigeria manages to seperate you from your money with this scam, he is entitled to it, and will probably be a better steward of  it.



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11 responses to “Future Darwin Award Winner

  1. “I never get any calls from my friends any more”

    Well, duh, stupid. I’m with you, Mack. If he’s so stupid that he falls for a scam that’s been written about for a damn decade, he needs to be pulled from the gene pool.

    Although I will admit I’m like “nobody is this stupid any more, surely.”

  2. southernbeale

    Well, I can feel sorry for him. After all, the guy is only 22 years old. Yeah you’d hope folks would be smarter than that but at 22 some folks are just a little bit naive.

  3. Sure, Beale, but what about the rest of his family, and his friends? Couldn’t anyone rein him in?

  4. southernbeale

    Sure, Beale, but what about the rest of his family, and his friends? Couldn’t anyone rein him in?

    Well, I don’t live his life. Maybe he didn’t tell anyone, maybe they tried and he ignored them, maybe he doesn’t have that kind of family where they communicate all that well, hell I don’t know. You’d hope folks would look out for one another but this is the real world and stuff doesn’t always happen the way we think it should.

    My Yahoo e-mail account gets about 100 of these things a day. The worst was one supposedly from a soldier in Iraq, definitely targeted to the patriotic-minded among us.

    If these things weren’t successful they wouldn’t keep sending ’em out.

  5. Hate to tell you this, but most of the world isn’t as smart as the people you surround yourself with.

    People are stupid.

  6. True, but most of the world’s not that stupid, either.

  7. This is true.
    What I really intended to say was that it’s pretty likely the people HE surrounds himself with are probably not very intelligent either.
    Seriously, I wouldn’t lend someone $55,000 with out knowing EVERYTHING about what that money was for and where it was going.

    Birds of a feather flock together.

  8. Actually, it would be nice just to have the option to lend out $55,000.

  9. democommie


    Do you think we could get that poor young man’s address? I’d like to send him a check.

    Seriously, I still have people ask me about this nonsense. I ask them if they still believe in Santa Claus.

  10. southernbeale

    One more thing, Mack: if everyone were as savvy about internet scams and such, how come my wingnut brother in law keeps sending me this wackadoodle e-mail shit that’s been knocking around the internets for YEARS?

    Hasn’t he heard of SNOPES for chrissakes?

  11. Or, conservapedia? 😉

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