Who Are The Whores Now?

I couldn’t escape it.  On the phone with Gingersnaps, on HBO, and again in various “news” sites throughout the web.  Someone please tell me what the fascination is with (ex) Pastor Haggard?  Yes yes, he is a hypocrite.  Yawn.  Glass houses and all that.  The guy has paid dearly.  What, exactly, is served by having another tryst revealed?  The man is troubled, but he has been banned from his home state (how do you do that?) and is moving from safe-house to safe-house with his wife (the real hero of this story) and kids.

I find it all so very sad, for him, for his family, for us.


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20 responses to “Who Are The Whores Now?

  1. Banned from his state? WTF? Do they have roadblocks at all the state line crossings to keep him out?

  2. Damn, Mack…if you are going to throw my name in there, it might help to explain that I went through a very similar experience as Gayle Haggard. Not all of your readers are familiar with my story.

    My “fascination” if you want to label it that is that there are thousands of women in the “Church” in this country whose health and well-being and families are being put in danger because their husbands are living double lives…all because the “Church” will not address the “issue” of homosexuality within their ranks of leadership and within their congregations.

    It’s a church issue of which the surface hasn’t even been scratched yet. You have no idea how massive this problem is. I do.

  3. Also, I have a post on this brewing in my head…more to come…

  4. Well, Ginger, heres the thing. The larger issue you bring up is very important. But that issue is not what gets covered. Instead, its collective schadenfruede.

    Also, i wouldn’t allude to your story here, its no one’s business. If you choose to share it, cool.

    I’m well aware of how massive the problem is. It isn’t just in the church. The military, our Congress, hell, even the NFL have similar approaches to this problem: silence. Denial.

  5. Upon thinking about it, there are tens of thousands of men living double lives, full of secret lovers, drug dalliances, etc. Those wives are in just as much danger.

    I felt the same way about the Spitzer thing, though i understood it a little as prostitution is illegal, and he was a prosecutor.

  6. Matt

    What are you talking about? Whether any church addresses this issue or not has nothing to do with the fact the guy or your husband is gay. He is a liar and is not to be trusted. Why should we allow him to publicly speak and make money off of insulting homesexuality and the entire E-community. This is what is wrong with this country…people like you can blame someone or something else all too easily instead of accepting responsibilty for the fact you married a gay man. Deal with it and move on.

  7. dee

    i think the word is Bisexual????isnt it?

  8. Absolutely…but the thing about those cases is that it isn’t the head of the National Association of Evangelicals who, regardless of what he said on LKL last night, also preached anti-homosexual messages from his pulpit on a continual basis. The guy had a direct line to President Bush, as well.

    Also, in this latest revelation, the church paid the guy “hush money” to keep quiet about the whole thing. From people’s tithes & offerings. Under the guise of some kind of “restoration money”…puh-lease. Shouldn’t there be some kind of tax fraud investigation there?

    Just sayin’…

  9. southernbeale

    I know, I don’t care about him either. But I think a lot of the Totalley Awesome Ted Haggard Redemption Tour has been prompted by Alexandra Pelosi’s new HBO documentary on the guy. Seems like HBO has organized a lot of this to promote the documentary, which it appears Haggard participated in willingly.

  10. democommie


    I have been all over this, but not because of schadenfreude. I have been all over it because Haggard and his church (the executives) have lied repeatedly and remorselessly about his situation and they need to be exposed. It would be refreshing to see someone, somewhere in the loud and strident anti-gay fundamentalist movement step up and take responsibility, just once.

  11. Demo and ginger, yes, the church is the entity i think needs to be further exposed. Haggard has paid, and will continue to do so. I guess I’m wondering if they purge Pastors that cheat with the opposite sex, or on their taxes, or engage in shady business dealings, etc

    Matt, what makes you think either Ginger or her husband “knew” he was gay when they married?

    Hell, I’m not sure myself, after meeting Christian Grantham. 😉

  12. Matt

    Just the sort of response I would expect…really shows off your intelligence, congrats. According to most HS this is who they are and always have been. I should think you would know. None the less this is not some sort of “need to be diagnosed” disease. This person is not in need of psychoanalysis. None the less, whether either party knew or not take some responsibility and stop blaming for once. I see this non-sense all the time on blogs and am frankly, for one, sick of it.

    On the church matter, I agree they should be help responsible for all their actions in regards to this matter. Haggard and the entire Evan Church are a bunch of hacks. Hopefully everyone will now see the truth. However, not for me to judge.

    Hey Ginger…maybe you should take your own advice!

  13. Well, Matt, I think I speak for all of us when I say you will be missed here, being sick of blogs and all….

  14. democommie


    Sounds to me like Matt has a few issues to work on. Staying off the blogs should give him more time for that work.

  15. W

    I think it’s funny how Matt thought he was worthy of an intelligent response from Ginger. Like he actually was trying to engage in a dialogue or something.

  16. Matt

    I have the issues…certainly you aren’t trying to deflect any supressed feelings of disfunction though. No, actually I didn’t expect any response…the truth really does sting. I’m suprised it got a rise out of you all. Mission accomplished and thank you sirs. Just for the record i’m happliy married with children and no I don’t have any unresolved issues except for resolving why none of you can seem to formulate more than 1 intelligent thought amounst the lot. WOW!

  17. Ok, No issues for you, matt.

    I’m not sure what it is you have, but I’m betting its hard to pronounce.

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