Cat Rescue: FAIL

Standing in my living room, talking on the phone, with the TV on, I thought I heard mewwwing noises.  I hung up, turned off the TV, and called the family in to listen quietly….meeeew.  meeeew.  Unmistakable.  There are kittens somewhere under the house.  We bundled up, and sent Nog (he is the smallest) under the house with a beam and our best wishes.  Nuthin.  I went in, couldn’t even see a way for a feral cat to have gotten under our house.  Now, the surface under our place is what i envision the surface of the moon to be, rocky, muddy, and partially covered by a plastic vapor barrier.  (I say partially, because, over the years, it has been wadded up in places to look for standing water)

No baby cats.  And not a peep since then.  Its been an hour.  Is it possible for an entire family to collectively go nuts?


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9 responses to “Cat Rescue: FAIL

  1. Oh, and also, what should i do if we find them? Obviously, the mother got here once to give birth…I’m torn between rescuing them and bottle feeding or leaving it up to Mother Nature.

  2. Did he check out the ductwork to see if there were openings anywhere? Friends of ours got racoons in their ductwork. Scared the crap out of them when one of the little bandits popped up in the bathroom . 🙂

  3. The Missus

    Jeez, the animal madness never stops at your place.

  4. Hey, we ain’t the ones with the world’s laziest beagle…

    And the schitzo cats.

  5. Yeah, Jim, He said he found a small hole, the problem is I can’t get back there to look. Since my ductwork travels thru cut-outs to reach the ceiling, its possible they could wind up in my attic.

  6. When this happened to us the cat was stuck under a cabinet.

    They can get into all sorts of places. I’ve heard of them getting stuck in walls.

    Good luck. The only thing worse than the sound of a mewwing stuck kitty is the alternative …. just as the weather is getting warm.

    (Sorry but that’s reality ….)

  7. Keep looking. If you don’t find the mommy, catch the mommy, and spay the mommy, you’ll have a full fledged cat farm soon.

    If you catch the mommy though, you’ll have to feed the babies.

  8. Can’t I just eat them?

  9. democommie

    Good luck, Mack:

    I did some work for a friend, some years back, putting plywood on his attic floor which had some gaps in the original flooring.

    The day I finished their cat went missing and they had the same sort of thing going on as you do. It took them several hours to get her out of there with a can of tuna.

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