If I Were Wealthy…

I’d be at fights like this one.  I don’t do pay-per-view, so i am always late watching boxing.  It never matters, boxing gets so little press, I haven’t once had a fight spoiled for me.  Anyway, I was looking forward to this one, as Shane Mosley was a 4-1 underdog, against Antonio Margarito, and i knew that was whack.

From the beginning, Margarito was flat-footed.  He was seldom the aggressor in the fight, and though he has a tendency to start late, Mosley’s jab, and his combinations had Margarito covering all night. He never mounted any kind of comeback.   Mosley and i have issues (nuthin that I would fight him over) about the way he handled firing his dad, but damn, he looked great in this fight.  He is in the middle of a divorce, too, but looked focused and determined, and, well, Margarito was lucky to get out without serious injury.

Great fight.  Some day, I’m going to one these, and I’ll get shit-faced and pick a fight with Mark Wahlberg.  Call me a 40-1 underdog in that one….



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3 responses to “If I Were Wealthy…

  1. democommie


    I don’t watch boxing, but I did see the 30 second or so highlights on the tube while doing an inspection tour last evening. It said that Mosely landed about 80% of his punches, Margarito about 25%. That sounds like a serious difference in pain.

  2. I have no doubt that I’ve been to more boxing matches than anyone else in the TN. blogosphere, including numerous championship matches, one including my ex husband going 15 round with Larry Holmes on Nov 26, 1982, (causing Howard Cosell to quit)but I am 100 sure I would be called a liar for talking about my life, which not once have I lied about.
    And the thing is, you and several others who love boxing would really find some of my first hand stories very interesting and informative.

    Oh well–enjoy hanging out with gossips who have to validate themselves with lying about others who have achieved more than they; and being online bullies and gossips and trying to bring down darn good people who don’t deserve to be treated like shit just to feel better about themselves.

    Karma’s a bitch–and around the corner.

  3. Sharon, I’m going to say this once. Only once. I have yet to encounter anyone, within the blogosphere or in meat space, that has told me a single piece of gossip about you. You know where I learn the most about you? From you. From your boring “I’m a victim” posts and comments.

    You are possibly the most self-absorbed person I have ever met. Your good works are lost in a cloud of self-pity, and thats a shame.

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