FGF- “No Mas” Edition!

Me and the kids love this song.  We were dancing around to it this morning.  I’m not sure what genre it fits into, but I sure like it.  I like fun music, been a B-52 fan forever, and like their stuff, this is way fun to dance to…

Dedicated to the people who worked tirelessly to defeat “English Only”, you should be proud.



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6 responses to “FGF- “No Mas” Edition!

  1. I like this song, too… never have seen this video before… a little odd, but oddly fitting.

  2. democommie


    Will we finding out from LGF or one of the other reichwing “Can’t Think Tanks” that it was because of outside agitators that the bill was vetoed? Did some UU Church spend $28 like the Mormons did in Calif–oh, my bad, that was $28MILLION, sorry.

  3. Actually, Demo, there was more than a little outside agitation by supporters of this bill. And what a nice bunch of folks they are…

  4. democommie


    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! When will the petition to oust the mayor commence?

    In other news President Obama rescinded pretendsident Numbnuts recission of Wild Bill’s recission of Ronnie Raygun’s ban on funding for people that say the “A” word or hand out condoms while they’re talking to people about “family planning” in other countries.

  5. democommie

    THE “A” word–Abortion.

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