Please Help Save This Dog


So, I’m driving down my road, heading home, yakking on the phone with The Missus, when this little soul pops up out of the brush and almost gets run down by a truck coming the other way.  I stopped, got out and make kissing noises until she turned around and came over to me.  It was below zero, and there was no way I could leave without scooping her up and taking her home.  She drank an entire bowl of water, and ate anything I offered.  She tried to pee inside but I had SuperMousey watching her so she was taken outside and finished her business.  I think she is housetrained.

Obviously, this dog had been cared for prior to escaping from or being dumped by her previous care-takers.  (I hate the term owner)  Anyway, she has some issues.  I don’t think she can see very well.  She turns slow circles, and isn’t very sure-footed.  She loves people, and has to be held damn near 24/7, or she wanders around banging into things.  She may have epilepsy, as these dogs are somewhat prone to that affliction.  Thats just a guess.

She needs an older person who is home alot.  She may get along fine with children, if they are older and attentive.  But we simply cannot devote the time and attention she needs.  I am asking folks to pass along this info in the event someone is willing to step up and care for her.  I believe she is a pomeranian, possibly a mix, but I doubt it.

I’ll care for her for a few days, and i will contact our local shelter, but if she is not adopted quickly I will be forced to put her down.  She cannot possibly survive on her own, and that seems more humane than leaving her at the shelter where she will likely be euthanized in a group.

Please, no lectures.  Every animal we care for was a rescue.  We have an indoor Pomeranian that already ties us up more than we can stand at times.  Too many tractors, trucks and other dangers for her to live outside, so I cannot forsee a scenario in which she stays here indefinitely.  If someone adopts her, i will pay for a vet visit, and deliver her within 100 miles.



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10 responses to “Please Help Save This Dog

  1. I rescued a Pom once and took her to the Nashville Humane Association. They turn away tons of dogs but almost always take in small ones because they get adopted so quickly. Also, when I was trying to find the owner, I had TONS of offers to take her if I didn’t find the owners. I think you’ll be able to find her a home if you need to take either of those routes.

  2. Thanks, Lesley. Do I need to call them, or just show up?

  3. Craigslist.
    Weirdos like craigslist too, but it is a shot.
    And hey, at least you stopped for her, it’s more than most people do.
    Also, look for rescues in your area, I don’t know about Tennessee, but we have a lot of no-kill shelters around here.

  4. Freedom Farm in Hendersonville is no kill and in Springfield there is Friends of the Shelter which I think is no kill. You can go though the shelter list at petfinder for others.

  5. Oh, you’re a good soul. There may be an animal rescue organization willing to take her on, or at least foster her …. Emmylou’s group takes older dogs, Bonaparte’s Retreat takes in “unadapotable” dogs …

  6. There’s also a pomeranian rescue in Franklin, don’t know a thing about ’em:

    And Happy Tales Humane in Franklin has a very large foster operation, all of their dogs are in foster situations, so you might call them and see if they have room:

    I’ve taken puppies I’ve found to Nashville Humane before and it really all depends on what they’ve got room for at the moment. Sometimes you need to keep the animal for a week or two before you drop them off.

    A couple of years ago I was running down Belmont one morning and this teeny tiny itsy bitsy puppy was following this kid down the street, it was January, ice and snow, yada yada. I said to the kid hey is that your dog and he said no, it had followed him. It was maybe 4 weeks old. No collar, etc. So of course I scooped him up and took him home. Well, we couldn’t keep him with our zoo, so I called Nashville Humane and they said I needed to keep him for a week until they had room.

    So a week later I take him to the Humane society and I’m sobbing in the parking lot and I’m sobbing in the office and I was just a wreck. They asked his name and I sobbed that he didn’t have one “because we didn’t want to get attaaaaaaaaaaached….” {sob}.

    It was traumatic. I only tell you this as a warning for your little ones … it’s hard to get rid of them the longer you have them.

  7. See, I knew people would step up and offer to take her…wait.

    Just kidding. I’ll start with the shelters on Tues. I’m happy to care for her for a week or so, but good Lord its a chore. Thanks for all the good info!

  8. monstermash40

    I’m checking with a friend of mine who does rescues…please email me when you can …

  9. She’s awfully cute.. too bad I live so far away

  10. supermousey

    She’s very sweet, loves attention, pees a lot, and loves to sit in your lap and just /sleep/. I’d be so happy if we could find her a nice, calm, and warm house to live in.
    The little clutz needs one.

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