FGF Primary Wife Edition

I’ll be a nervous wreck all day, since The Primary Wife has begun her trek to the top of  Mt. LeConte, in temperatures bottoming out at around 20 below.  Once her and her friends arrive, they should be fine, as there are propane heaters and a fully stocked kitchen, but, hiking to that elevation in weather like this is inherently dangerous.  So, me and the kids will be nervous Nellies most of the day.  Here’s to you, Mom:



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13 responses to “FGF Primary Wife Edition

  1. democommie


    It would be helpful if the weather advisory wasn’t from last November. That mountains a bit taller than Mt. Washington, but Mt. Washington is a true “weather maker” with temps as low as -50 F and winds exceeding 15omph at times. I’m sure that being around you for a few years has toughened her up some and that she’s geared for the weather. I don’t pray, but I’ll think good thoughts.

  2. Hey, I’m hard to take in large doses, but, sheesh, not even I could drive a woman up a mountain that high, in THAT weather.

    Or…could I?

  3. democommie


    That’s not ‘zackly what I meant. I was referring to the country lifestyle. Now living with ME for a year or two would toughen up or KILL most folks.

  4. Demo, ha, I knew that. BTW, shes up top. Theres a radio up there, (but no indoor plumbing, priorities) and she called to let us know she made it.

    I hope she freezes her ass off.

  5. democommie


    Good for her. I have a hard time making it up a flight of stairs some days so I won’t be doing any hiking anytime soon. I’m glad she’s doing it there so I don’t have to here.

  6. Amber

    Glad she made it there safe! It’s bitchass cold!

  7. nm

    Glad she made it — how utterly all-around cabable she must feel.

  8. nm

    capable, capable. You know, a woman who can do it all. Not just a woman who can hail a cab. Damn typos, mutter, mutter

  9. NM, I don’t believe she could hail a cab, truth be told.

    But yeah, its got to feel good knowing you did it, especially in this weather.

  10. democommie


    I hope to hell you didn’t stay up all night, eating summer sausage and cheddarjack on ritz crackers, drinking “Milwaukee’s Best” and farting–while watching a “Three Stooges” marathon (only the ones with Curly–not Shemp, the poseur!) just because you didn’t have a responsible adult in the house!

    Is the primary wife staying up there till Monday?

    As for hailing a cab; a smile and and showing a little leg will get one most times; a grin and waving a hogleg will get one every time.

  11. democommie


    Since I’ve never been to the house, I don’t know what your wife looks like. Is that her in the video–and her singing?

  12. No, she can’t sing a lick. I posted the video of that girl singing because the songs was about climbing mountains. How lazy is that?

    Shes tiny, barely 5 ft tall, easy going and easy on the eyes. When provoked though, you’d sooner be locked in a phone-booth with a rabid badger.

    Oh, of course we ate junk food this weekend, and it ain’t over yet! Go Cards!

  13. democommie

    Yeah, I used to live with oneathem. A rabid badger I mean.

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