They Keep Raising The Bar

Had this whole long (overly so) post about GM i was writing….left it in draft because, really, it wasn’t all that interesting.  So, instead, I stumbled upon this article, and decided to read all of it.  75 things.  Well, I kick ass at numbers 9, 13, 62, 65-67, 71, and 75.  I cannot do numbers 4, 16, 20, 29, 47, 58.

I guess that stupid girl’s article in the Vandy Newspaper made me take this little survey…I’m too lazy to link to it, but Braisted already called her out over it….

Here’s my favorite line, after the “learn to write a thank you note”:

Thanks for having me over to watch game six. Although they won, it’s clear the Red Sox are a soulless, overmarketed contrivance of Fox TV. Still, I’m awfully glad you have that huge high-def television. Next time, I really will get beer. Yours,…



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4 responses to “They Keep Raising The Bar

  1. democommie


    I’d say between the knock on the Sox and Bill Belichek that I would have been giving the author the horse laugh on Sunday. Tom Coughlin is a dick, too.

    All these lists can be ignored in my opinion. Just follow George Carlin’s advice about the commandments, here:

  2. you can’t do a poem? Hell, even i can do the first 20 lines of Canterbury Tales in Olde English courtesy of a mad woman in senior HS English.

  3. Demo, almost everything on the web is pretty useless, but fun…

    Jim, does Barnacle Bill the Sailor count?

  4. democommie


    You are correct. Barnacle Bill the Sailor? I recited that once at the Nimbus NCO club in Wiesbaden when I was ‘faced. It got me and six other guys (who didn’t know me but were sitting at the same table) thrown out. We were friends after that.

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