Sludge, Rockets, And Racists

Last year, I thought to put up a “Closed For The Holidays” sign on the front door of The Chronicles.  Sadly, this year, I just locked the door and went home.  Apologies.  I’m hoping that after Tuesday, i’ll know which direction I’ll be taking this blog.  Meanwhile, I can tell you that I’m watching what is happening on the Gaza strip, Roane County, and of course, waiting for someone at the RNC to denounce, repudiate, and then apologize for Chip Saltzman.  Oh, and the Russians are squeezing their neighbors to gain total control of the gas distribution pipeline.  Viva Europa!

I gotta give mad (major) props(accolades) to S-Town Mike for being all over the TVA for their dishonesty.

Back soon!

UPDATE:  I forgot!  Pakistani troops beefing up along the Indian border.  No biggie.


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2 responses to “Sludge, Rockets, And Racists

  1. The Palestinians shot rockets into Israel. Israel responded with airstrikes.

    Is this even NEWS anymore?

  2. It looks like quite a bit more than that now, Ex. Otherwise, I’d agree. They may occupy until they feel they have ferretted out the leadership, which I think only buys them time.

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