FGF-Best Live Performance Ever

If you sing or play guitar, this is what you should use as your benchmark…

(Well, someday, someone needs to explain why people who post videos to You tube sometimes prevent you from embedding those same videos.  Seems hypocritical.  So, it was an unbelieveable performance by Pete Townsend doing “Drowned”.  Awesome.  In its place, I’ll post this, which occured on the same night.  What a show.


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3 responses to “FGF-Best Live Performance Ever

  1. And here I thought *I* had the best FGF ever!!!!

  2. I watched a version of “Drowned” from the “Secret Policemen’s Ball”; is that the one you were referring to? In any event I like the “Pinball Wizard” riff that Pete did in an acoustic set with Daltry in 1999 better.

  3. YES! It was awesome. Every performer was first rate for those shows.

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