FGF: Doesn’t Have To Be Music

Cuz, this makes me feel good.




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16 responses to “FGF: Doesn’t Have To Be Music

  1. Hey, I need to get a hold of you but don’t have your e-mail … e-me at southernbeale on yahoo …

  2. The Missus

    Makes me feel good too. Who took that shot of our girls? I love the back lighting and fall colors. Good Times.

  3. Either Rock Solid or Noggin. Unless Peanut Fanatic used a timer….

  4. i LOVE this picture!

  5. nm

    You are norther of me, so how come you still have leaves and things? Is this one of the secrets of foliage not imparted to residents of Davidson County?

    P.S. Yeah, wonderful smiling picture.

  6. I love this picture – you can tell how much fun they’re having.

  7. haleyy

    it wasn’t a timer, supermousey’s then-boyfriend took the picture. i just edited it =)

  8. haleyy

    and to nm-
    we don’t still have leaves and things, this picture was taken in october or so.

  9. Wow, all these photos you’ve been posting are amazing. Really well done, Haley!

  10. This is one of my favorite ones. It just looks like something you’d see in a magazine.

  11. supermousey

    my ex boyfriend took that picture. he CLAIMED he couldn’t see cause of the sun, so there’s a picture of my butt on haleyy’s computer. XD

  12. Great editing, haleyy. I agree with Aunt B that it is magazine-quality.

  13. Great pic!!! That’s one for the mantle for sure!

  14. haleyy

    it is not only your butt; mine too. DDDDDDD=
    awwh, thank all of you guys so much for all the compliments and everything, means a lot =)

  15. nm, Greenbrier is the land that time forgot.

    Another great photo.

  16. Submit this one to Hallmark…I could SO see this on a “Friendship” card. 🙂

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