Another From Her Collection




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15 responses to “Another From Her Collection

  1. democommie

    I’m getting an inferiority complex, right now. Nice photo.

    Whichever of these is your children is wearing an ankle monitor and is being locked up in her room from 6PM until dawn, right? This is one of the reasons I am glad to be a lonely, old man.

  2. Its all very troubling, my brother.

  3. Man, this is so well done. The photographer is only 12?
    Whoa. Amazing.

  4. There is such an interesting contrast between this and the photo above – definitely reminds me of that in-between time of adolescence. Like it!

  5. I meant to ask – did the photographer arrange their hair/makeup/clothes, too? Because an excellent job was done on that as well. 🙂

  6. This must for sure be the cover of your kids’ first punk album!

  7. The make-up is a tad unsettling…

  8. I don’t think it can be rock & roll if it doesn’t unsettle the dad. That’s like a rule or something.

    And when he’s getting his Oscar, you can totally sell this photo to the paparazzi.

  9. supermousey

    I normally do the makeup and jewelry. Haleyy picks out the clothes. =)

  10. haleyy

    nah, we more decide on it together. i pick out clothes, but sometimes supermousey is appalled by my decision and grabs something better. for hair/makeup, i generally tell her what she needs =)

  11. I work with two exceptionally talented photographers – both pros in the field. These are excellent and as good as portrait shots they have taken.

    Uh, Mack, you may want to go ahead and get a six-year prescription to Zoloft or something. You’ll need it. The next few years are going to be difficult for you.

  12. I love this one!! Makeup and all, hehe. So very Eighties glam boy on the young’n. 😀

  13. LOL @jim voorhies’ Zoloft recommendation.

    Yeah, I agree with Lynnster…I am really picking up the Eighties glam vibe with this one! Love it!

  14. I’m something of a latecomer in commenting this, I stumbled upon it whilst checking links to an Aspiring Talent that I am helping to promote.

    Very impressed! What a Team Hayleyy & Supermousey make, very creative and such a keen eye for detail, both Photographer and Model, it seems they are both on the same wavelength and compliment one another to produce some great photography, particularly in view of their young age.

    I hope both girls progress well with their individual creative talents.

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