Photographer and Model, Both Age 12

I’ve decided to feature some work by a VERY talented 12 yr girl photographer.




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17 responses to “Photographer and Model, Both Age 12

  1. I love Dutch Angle shots! Did she set the camera and settings before getting in the water and have it on a timer?

    One of my favorite Dutch Angle shots is in “A Beautiful Mind’ when Crowe thinks the feds are chasing him and they sedate him as he falls down the stairs.

    I used to practice and practice Dutch Angle shots, but rarely got them right.

    If this young lady is doing this well at 12 with her angles and composition, then you just might have another Annie Lebovitz on your hands.

  2. Very nicely done. I’ve never really done many of those, as I tend to crop in the viewfinder and I find tha sort of thing best suited to “square” (6×6) or near “square” (6×7, 4×5, 8×10) format. But, that’s just me.

    Mack, tell me that was not YOUR camera in the pool.

  3. supermousey

    No, Sharon, the model is not the photographer. Buy both are 12. Scary as shit.

  4. supermousey

    damn. s/b but both are 12.

  5. Darn you Supermousey! LOG OUT when you are done using my computer! Or move out!

    All the above comments are from me.

  6. Supermousey—
    No need to correct a typo around me. I am truly the typo queen of the blogosphere!

    I love the photo for the reasons I mentioned above, and the model has the most beautiful Spanish eyes.
    I’m from El Paso, and her beautiful face is making me homesick…reminds me of so many of my friends and friends kids back home.
    Lovely job!

  7. haleyy

    thanks for posting this here! =DDDD
    (in case anyone’s wondering, i’m the photographer xD)

  8. haleyy

    oh yeah, & if anyone wants to see more pictures of supermousey (and others) by me, check out our Deviantart account:

  9. Wow. Incredible talent. I want her to come to my Girl Scout meeting and teach my slackers some good photography.

  10. I want her to come to my house and take good pictures of my yard!

  11. supermousey

    Thanks, Dad!
    (i’m the model there. :D)
    That’s honestly a very old picture from like last summer.

  12. haleyy

    supermousey’s right, it’s totally ancient.
    i love it, though. one of our few good “early” pictures.
    maybe i’ll be allowed to, B. xDD
    the Girl Scouts thing…i would so choke, crowds, even girls probably younger than me…scary, lol =P

  13. Well, working my way back to this one, I found the link to deviant art and the gallery. There are some photos showing there that reflect exceptional talent. I say that, Haleyy, as a former creative director. Keep this quality work up and you’ll neve have to work for a living – you’ll be able to do what you love.

  14. haleyy

    Wow, thank you so much.
    i hope so =)

  15. Haleyy – I just went thru your whole gallery over at Deviant Art – your work is just incredible and your talent is stunning. Mack had told me so, but after looking at them myself, I’m just blown away.

    I am especially amazed by how different (and fabulous in all) Supermousey looks from pic to pic – some of them if I hadn’t looked at your notes I wouldn’t have realized they were all her. (And I have met her in person.) Just fantastic work, Haleyy.

    What Jim V. said is right – keep at it and you will always be able to do what you love for a living.

    Supermousey – All of the pics of you are lovely and I am just stunned at the differences between several of them. You are about as “mousey” as my big toe – nice modeling work! You two work well together and you obviously have a good eye for what works since you have helped choose things for the shoots you two do, and that’s something you might be able to mold into a future career too.

    Mack – You were right. And in many very much captured what it’s like to be 12 at the same time – part kid, part grownup – that maybe an adult couldn’t have come anywhere close to capturing. Supermousey looks so grown up in some I didn’t realize they were her until I looked.

    Fantastic photography & modeling work as well – much applause, girls! Keep it up, both of you. I’ll be looking forward to your future work and bookmarking the DA page.

  16. My apologies for being days late to comment here…the first time I saw this picture on Mack’s laptop, it took my breath away…not exaggerating!

    Haleyy, you have a bright future ahead of you, and I look forward to following how it unfolds.

    SuperMousey, you are stunning. Simply stunning.

    What really speaks to me is that I believe that the friendship between the photographer & model radiates through the pixels of these photographs, because Haleyy captures SuperMousey’s beauty so eloquently in each shot. 🙂

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