FGF: Worth It For The Woolly Sweaters



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10 responses to “FGF: Worth It For The Woolly Sweaters

  1. heartbreaktown

    Too hard to watch these satirical bits sometimes – so close to reality, it’s almost not a satire.

  2. They are a brilliant bunch.

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  4. LOL! I think I saw this on a Time Life infomercial!

  5. Mack:

    Fess up, that’s you in the back being the token hispanic folkie.

  6. I can’t figure it out, although I’m close, or I’d put it on my blog. But, here’s some satire:

    That John C. Reilly is getting to be a pretty good comedic actor.

  7. ‘A Mighty Wind’ is a classic. I felt like I was having a flashback watching it.

    Christopher Guest is comparable to Woody Allen in terms of writing ensemble scripts, but allows for extemporaneous acting.

  8. Oh, that’s a movie? Damn, I wanted to get tickets to their next concert.

  9. democommie–
    Sorry about ruining the illusion!
    Ck. out the movie, though. It’s truly laugh out loud, funny.

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