Let Us At Least Acknowledge The Glass Isn’t Full

Thats actually a line written by Sorkin for The West Wing.  The line is offered in response to a character being told he was a “glass half-empty” kinda guy.  I laughed when i heard it, and I stole it and use it when I am accused of being negative.  For over two years now, I have watched comfortable people here in Nashville’s tiny blog community ridicule the idea that the economy was anything but strong.  I’m certainly no economist, but I know enough to listen to people who have no stake in the outcome, rather than paid shills from Wall St.

The video is long.  Its roughly ten minutes.  Take the time.  Seriously.  Peter Schiff endured being the butt of jokes on national television for saying that the fundamentals of our economy were weak.  Its a little scary just exactly how accurate he was.  Its like he wrote the script for this.

Nostradamus was a piker.

H/T Ezra Klein



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3 responses to “Let Us At Least Acknowledge The Glass Isn’t Full

  1. Art Laffer lives in Nashville now. As if we didn’t have enough fools.

  2. The really scary part wasn’t his prediction of the recession so far ahead – it was his depiction of the nature and extent of it. hoard like crazy.

  3. Mack:

    Me too, me too. I been telling folks for years that there was nothing underneath the “bubble” but hot air.

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