There Is Definitely Smoke…

So, yup, I’ll assume there is fire as well.  I think four pet deaths is a lot for one groomer, even over a long span.  The trauma should tip off the authorities.  The other thing I’m wondering about is the number of heat-related deaths.  How hot is that room?  Dogs are pretty tough, they can take a fair amount of abuse, even the little guys.

I’m pretty pragmatic about pets.  They live, then they die.  I’ve said before that I’d rather see my dog live a short life, full of outside exploration and people food to eat, than a long one stuck inside and fed dry dog food.  I realize that doesn’t work for everyone.  BUT.  When a business takes charge of a family’s pet, they had better damn see to it that the animal is treated like gold.  People get very invested in their pets, financially and emotionally.  I just think a groomer worth his/her salt would keep that thought front and center.


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  1. Absolutely agreed. I realize that accidents happen, but four pet deaths in even several years – and especially the heat exhaustion aspect – would appear to be pretty suspect to any pet owner or anyone else, for that matter.

    That is entirely too many for a “grooming/spa” facility.

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