My Parents



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7 responses to “My Parents

  1. It is obvious where you get your good looks from.


  2. The Missus

    Cricket looks like your Mom.

  3. What happened to my comment?

  4. Damn, grandma’s kinda hot.

  5. Your mother = gorgeous.

    You are like the perfect combination of both your parents’ looks, I can see both of them in you quite clearly.

    Cricket does favor your mother some, but I was actually thinking that your elder daughter looks VERY much like your mother. Which is a good thing I guess since she thinks her grandmother was kinda hot. 😉

  6. Yes, but, my eldest daughter is a complete lunatic. Don’t I subtract points or somethin for that? 😉

  7. Mychal

    you know, a lesser person would be offended.

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