Push Back

It seems some people, unable to adhere to the spirit of order and rightfulness of the FGF governing body have decided to level attacks instead.  Fake FGW?  Indeed.  So, fine.  If we are all going to just do whatever we want to, I believe I’ll post a video that has nuthin to do with feelin good.  Take that.



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3 responses to “Push Back

  1. Mack:

    Boy, are you ever right. The video is no longer available; I am so bummed!

  2. hey, i said i was an internet anarchist. now you’re bitching because i posted music instead of thinking deeply about a post over a holiday weekend so I would keep up with the noblopomo or whatever the acronym is. Fine. be that way.

    I on the other hand, am about to go shopping for the first time ever on a black friday. Somebody has to keep the Chinese economy from crumbling.

  3. jim voorhies:

    If you’re staying wired as you shop: I’m an LXM Short EEE. Anything in plaid, checks, stripes or all together is fine.

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