Happy Thanksgiving! Now, Help me Please

If time wasn’t an issue, I’d wait till tommorrow.  But, does anyone out there know a company that can scan prints and creat a digital file of them?  I have around 100 prints i need digitized and copied to flash drive or CD rom.  I have a scanner, but the thought of sitting there, scanning each and every photo makes me shudder.



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8 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving! Now, Help me Please

  1. Thanks! I’ll call them on friday.

  2. heartbreaktown

    Staples might be able to also.

  3. Oops, i accidentally deleted Michaels comment. Sorry.

    Heartbreak, I’ll call Staples on Friday, thanks.

  4. Mack:

    I think half the big drugstore chains and Wal-Mart have that capability now. Staples’ prices seemed a bit steep the last time I checked.

    Happy Thanksgiving, to all.

  5. I have prints, not digital files. I know practically everyone can do digital to print, in fact, i can do that. But not so much the other way around…

  6. Michael

    Mack: My reference was to PR Omni Digital: http://www.prnashville.com/

  7. Thanks, Mike, I sent them an email.

  8. Mack:

    This is me saying, “Doooooooh!” and hitting my head with the palm of my hand.

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