Not Nearly Enough Parachutes

We’ve had at least a couple of decades where we told our children to go to the right schools, make the right connections, and you can get a job that requires little or no physical effort and will reward you with riches.  I think by doing so, we put it in their minds that anyone who didn’t follow that blueprint for life was “less than” and deserved whatever fate befell them.

How many of those kids, right now, are poised to graduate one of those “right schools”, with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt?  What are their prospects for ever paying those loans off and building a financial future?  Most economic experts are saying we are looking at 3-5 years of a recessionary economy.  I’m sitting here wondering what a degree in business qualifies one to do in this new “green” economy.  I’m thinking if you studied chemistry, engineering, computer languages, or math you might just be well positioned.  Like-wise, if you dropped out after High School and learned carpentry, electrical wiring, welding, tool and die making, you’ve got a better than average shot.

Are there enough of either?  I’m thinking no.  I’m thinking that I see a staggering number of people who possess law degrees or business degrees but no common sense, no communication skills, and no ability to really think.

We use to make these people military officers, but, since we decided to embark on two full scale wars of choice, surprisingly, there aren’t too many of these people applying to West Point or Annapolis.

I guess we could always get them elected to office, but, there are a limited number of those seats available, and, incredibly, its looking more and more like voters are demanding qualifications for serving in office. (Except, of course, in Tennessee)

So, what will become of them?  Retail used to be the last best hope…thats out.  Auto sales?  I doubt it.  The guys with street smarts make the money in that business.  Crime?  Well, embezzling depends on some business having enough funds to pilfer.  Its not like these folks are going to rob banks, so, I’m thinking credit card theft or other types of fraud.  (Apparently, having an identity now requires a person be pro-active about protecting that identity from theft, and paying for that privilege)

Its not looking good.  We dropped the ball long ago, when we decided that people actually doing the work out there were losers.  So, people avoided actual work.  And now, theres work to be done, and I bet those looking for qualified people to do it will be hard pressed to find them.



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2 responses to “Not Nearly Enough Parachutes

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  2. I think I’d make better money as a plumber.

    But noooooo…..when I was in high school, they were selling us this pipe dream of, “Become an engineer. They make great money!”

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