Weird Birthday

Ok, yes, today was my brthday.  Long ago, I kinda stopped giving a shit.  That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the well wishes and all….I do.  Last night, the Primary Wife and the Kids and i had a nice dinner, and I even got some PJ’s I can’t wait to wear.  It was terrific.  My daughter wrote me a beautiful note, thanking me for pushing her to excel and basically acknowledging that I indeed, along with her mother, do my best to provide for her and her brother.  It was a wonderful gift to get.

I was a little tired.  But, more than that, a bit pre-occupied.  See, i have been been thinking about my parents quite a bit lately.  Though they are both gone, for some reason, I feel very close to them right now.  Tonight I cooked a fried chicken dinner for me and the kids, and the smell of frying chickens almost made me sad.  I can’t explain it.  As soon as i heated up a tortilla to eat with it, I was close to tears.  I could feel my mother in the room.  She was standing at the stove, at 3:00 a.m., cooking me a tortilla with butter because i decided to bang on her door at 2:55 a.m.  The very first question out of her mouth was “are you hungry, Mijo? (Mi Hijo)

Ah, well, I know that almost everyone has a palpable connection to their past from time to time, but, for me, the smell of food cooking can summon those feelings in an instant.

So, I ate like a teenager.  When I was 16, i was an athlete, and I ate like 2 grown men.  Its a little weird for me to watch my daughter put away that much food at 12.  i kinda dig it.

I might have had a little tequila before i ate.  Not on purpose, mind you, but I may have mistaken the sweet tea pitcher for the 5th of Sauza Anejo…

It happens.

I’m full.  I’m tired.  I think I’ll destroy some monsters in Quake 3 arena and go to bed….

I’m so close to qualifying for the senior citizen discount at Dennys i can almost taste it….



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12 responses to “Weird Birthday

  1. look at the bright side – you’re still younger than me.

    happy birthday!

  2. gregg

    yer still a young pup mackster. don’t be messin with that old agave plant and you might just make those early birds at dennys…when you coming to new yawk son?

  3. heartbreaktown

    Happy Birthday – (by now belated!) – life seems full for you – satisfied. I’m happy you’re happy. xoxo

  4. Aw, that made me tear up a little. Happy birthday, my friend.

  5. A birthday post almost as sweet as the man who wrote it.

    Happy Birthday

  6. Wow. Hi Greg! Its been a very long time since you darkened my doorway. Good to see you.

    Thank you, everyone.

  7. nm

    Sounds like it was a day to savor. You know you’ve earned it — years from now your kids will have memory flashes to you cooking them fried chicken, too.

  8. Happy birthday!
    I was gonna call you yesterday but my life got crazy busy and I know how you feel about text messages =)

  9. Hapy date late B-Day. What’cha want for your big day? 🙂 Then again…what’cha need? 🙂 And just when are you going to Podunk? You’re close to Jackson, right?

  10. democommie


    Well, I’m here, late, again.

    I’ve been traveling for the last several days and haven’t been anyplace to get on line for more than a few minutes.

    Happy B’day.

  11. Aw, happy birthday a little late, Mack. That was a wonderful tribute to both your past life (and your mother) and your present life (and your beautiful kids). Salut!

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