Fall brings an unbelievable work load for me, and I’m after it big time.  I’ve been tempted to chime in on a wide range of issues, but, truthfully, I’ve been hiding in my work.  There are huge changes ahead, and I hope to contribute by sharing what I believe is important information….for now, though, I’ll just share this:




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16 responses to “Fall

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  2. democommie


    I hope you didn’t hide the Acme Anvil under that pile!

  3. leaves are a curse. i’ve swept up millions and have eleventy thirteen times as many more to do.

  4. democommie

    jim voorhies:

    I sprinkle walnut oil on them and the skwerls eat them.

  5. The fact that I’m related to most of this picture frightens me somewhat

  6. It frightens us as well, kiddo. 😉

  7. heartbreaktown

    Cute pic.

    It gets pretty in the Fall in TN? Does it snow too? I might just be sold.

  8. nm

    Why, Jim, don’t you know that you run your lawnmower over them and use them to mulch your garden and put them on your compost heap?

  9. nm, not even Tractor Supply sells wire in enough quantity to contain that many leaves, even shredded, for what would need to be called Mount Compost. The first, initial sweep of leaves (couldn’t resist, sorry) raked in somewhere in the vicinity of 400 bushels of leaves. We have more now on the ground, but the trees are still loaded.

  10. It gets pretty in the Fall in TN? Does it snow too? I might just be sold.

    It snows a little almost every year, but it isn’t like where you live. You will not miss it. And yes, Tn is beautiful in the Fall. Also, all the snow you could want is a short drive away.

  11. 400 bushels? On how many hectares?

  12. nm

    We average I’d guess around 175–200 bushels (before chopping). That’s enough to mulch the roses, the veggie garden, the flower beds, and around the trees, as well as contribute to the compost. And then we have extra, which we have to send to recycling. But, you see, that means that we don’t have to spend money on mulch or garden fertilizers. I figure you’d get rid of at least a quarter of your leaves if you used them that way. Plus, once you’ve chopped them up, they’re a lot easier to dispose of.

  13. My next outdoor project is to build a composter with some 55 gallon drums.

    I’ve got to see if they make a mulcher for the new mower. The old one has it (and that’s how we deleafed the last two years) but it’s on its last legs.

  14. oh, less than 3 acres, Mack. Thirty damn trees. 🙂

  15. democommie

    My “spread is, let’s see, about 35′ x 60′ (the part of the lot that’s not covered by the house) so that 2,500 sq ft or about .05 acres or .o2 hectares. Bushels, I don’t know about, but a shitload of black walnuts.

  16. democommie

    2,100 sq ft, I hatez math.

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