We Did It, Can You?

After 02 and 04 elections, there was talk of the death of the Democratic Party.  Maybe it did die.   But, like Jesus himself, the Party resurrected and became Born Again Hard.  Howard Dean laid the groundwork, DFA moved the ball in 50 States.  We recruited smart, competent people and ran them and ran them again until they won.

Looking around at various Conservative blogs for the last two days, I’m struck by how many of them are in total denial.  Not for a minute did I buy into the narrative that the mid Sept stock market crash propelled Obama into the White House.  McCain could have chosen to handle it differently, he did not.  Sure, a Party leader like Bush with a favorable rating of 11 is difficult to overcome, but it doesn’t explain the shellacking that y’all got last Tuesday either.

Not that long ago, you had everything you needed to govern.  Total control of all three branches of Govt.  You squandered that opportunity by wasting time demonizing potential voters, and hell, current voters for that matter.  You rewarded friendship and loyalty instead of competence and accountability.  You promised the more craven of the Evangelicals a chunk of the Treasury and then couldn’t deliver it.

Speaking of Evangelicals, scuttle them. Today.  Embrace science and tolerance and intellectual curiosity and I promise your ranks will swell.  Pandering to a dumbed down segment of your electorate has addled your brains.  Stop thinking tactically and start thinking strategically.  You won’t lose true Christians by not focusing on controlling half of the Country’s wombs. You will see more women Republicans. Be tolerant, and you will attract fiscally conservative Gay and Lesbian members who donate, organize, and vote.

In fact, lose the whole “conservative” brand.  Its had its day, and our youth find it repulsive.  And lets face it, you need young people.  But you do not have to return to the same polluted pool to fish for fresh faces to run.  You guys spent decades and billions to recruit and train lawyers with no real world experience.

By the way, there would be no need to revisit the Fainess Doctrine if you would stop depending on the talk radio hacks to act as your unruly surrogates.  Denounce the hatred forcefully, and watch as they tailor their message accordingly.  Your strategy to alienate the bulk of the media by referring to them as biased has played itself out.

A little time in the wilderness might just be good for your Party.

We’ll leave the light on for ya.



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14 responses to “We Did It, Can You?

  1. FrankJ

    The American people supported Republicans for 3 reasons: 1) national defense and the wise use thereof; 2) fiscal responsibility; and 3) social conservativsm particularly on homosexual issues. What did the gop deliver? 1) a mismanaged, costly, incoherent War in Iraq; 2) from surpluses to massive deficits and more and more spending; 3) Mark Foley, Larry Craig and Dick Cheney’s daughter.
    So, while the Democrats and Obama should be given credit for their 52-48 victory and large House and Senate victories. The fact is that it is not necessarily the voters who rejected Republican “values”, it is Republicans who rejected the “values” that previously earned them the voter’s support.

  2. Old world, Frank. You guys blew your National Security cred, especially with younger voters. And they sure as hell aren’t interested in demonizing gays and lesbians…that horse left the barn long ago, acceptance has hardened like cement with the 18-30 group.

    Rather, Iraq, katrina, and yes, deficit spending have hurt you with independents and perhaps some of your base.

    But what you guys need to admit to yourselves is that our values are the same as yours, 99% of the time. You guys don’t have a lock on family values.

  3. FrankJ

    There is no question the 18-30 group is being bombarded with propoganda on college campuses, media and other sources of “information” that 18-30 year olds gravitae towards. And, there is no doubt that homosexuality by these sources is defined as being a neat person, great neighbor and teacher of life lessons on stage and screen.
    However, I believe once MTV and liberal arts professors lose their hold on the minds of these people as they age, this “cement” hold you claim will slip and homosexuality will be seen as it is by the 30+ group, a choice and a perverted one.
    We shall see if Pelosi & Reid bring homosexual agenda bills for a vote. I offer the electoral consequences in 2010 will be severe if they do.
    Obama didn’t get 52% of the vote and the Dems didn’t get the Senate and House to promote the homosexual agenda championed by the “netroots”, college professors and stars of stage and screen.
    Otherwise, I believe you endorsed what I said, the GOP lost because they failed militarily, failed economically and were exposed as hypocrites on the homosexual issue. That is a rejection of the party, not the ideas.

  4. FrankJ-
    I am a member of this 18-30 group you speak of, and frankly (ha!) my views on homosexuality have nothing to do with MTV or tv stars or the teachings of my college professor.

    My logic on homosexuality is this: They are just like me. We both run on the same operating system, physically, and we both have the ability to think in a cognitive manner. Why do they not deserve the same oppurtunity for happiness as I do, especially as thier relations do not affect me and I do not have to partake in them?

    I know plenty of over 30 people who share my view, it’s a progressive view and an accepting view, NOT one which pertains to my age, though I do find that the demographic which I belong to tends to be more liberal and open minded.

    However, if I wake up on my 31st birthday and suddenly decide that I find homosexuality perverted and disgusting, I will send you a cake, wherever you may be.

  5. Mychal:

    Bravo! Beautifully said.


    You need to write this line:

    “Looking around at various Conservative blogs for the last two days, I’m struck by how many of them are in total denial. ”

    500 times on the blackboard.

    Gays are people. You don’t have to like them. You’re required–by both U.S. Law and that higher authority that so many christians like to talk about–to accept them as such.

  6. FrankJ

    I do admire the marketing success of the homosexual advocacy groups. I do not subscribe to conservative cries over the “liberal media”; because I acknowledge there are bastions of conservatism in “media” from talk radio to Fox News to the WSJ, etc.
    However, what the left owns lock-stock-and butter is academia and pop culture (i.e. TV/movies). And with that power they have absolutely controlled the conversation on homosexuality. They have been able to present homosexuals as caring “just like me” teachers of life lessons to everyone else.
    An education effort does need to be undertaken re: the homosexual community. They have received a free pass on the issue of their “success” in spreading HIV/AIDS into the normal community. They have received a free pass on the issue of their “success” in spreading (Crystal) methamphetamine in the normal community. An education effort does need to be undertaken; whereas now homosexuality is seen as being defined by being talk show hosts, great friends and neighbors…the community needs to be accurately defined as purveyors of HIV/AIDS, meth, and grossly using children as pawns in their agenda.

  7. Mack, we get them out into the wilderness first but you’re ging to leave the light on so they can come back? Dude! What are you thinking?

    Frank, I don’t think it’s the marketing success of gay advocacy groups you really need to worry about. It’s the marketing success of the “thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself” marketing group that fosters a laisssez faire attitude about gays. It’s not whether it’s a policy or a law, it’s that it is a commandment.

  8. FrankJ

    Jim, so you feel the strong support for homosexual rights is coming from the strong religious convictions of academia and popular culture? And the rejection of this agenda in the African-American and rural communities is because of the strong lack of religiosity in these communities?
    For your next trick, could you argue that 2 + 2 equals 7.5?

  9. no, i think it’s coming form ordinary Christians and businesses, like the one I work for, where they’re interested in getting good people, no matter whether they are gay or black or brown or old or female. of course, it’s a small company with only $5 billion in revenues.

  10. it’s a small company with only $5 billion in revenues.


  11. FrankJ

    Does this $5 billion company that promotes homosexuality (and marriage?) advertise their support enough you think? Perhaps you should advertise for them? you know, get that Christian business that supports homosexuality!

  12. bridgett

    The Christian college where I teach provides same-sex partner benefits, Frank. It’s something that we (administrators, staff, trustees, alums) feel is consistent with our mission statement, which is to demonstrate Christ’s love and compassion to all. (And yes, we do advertise it and it gets us some excellent employees, including my boss.) As Mack says, it’s only some Christians who want to demonize gays and lesbians and they are, thankfully, growing fewer and less powerful.

  13. The gays are responsible for meth? That’s gonna really surprise the bikers, mexicans , and rednecks.

    Isn’t it called “Hillbilly Heroin”?

  14. democommie

    I’m thinkin’ FrankJ’s got him some “issues”.

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