Election Day Jitters

Those of you who blog regularly probably know the feeling….you have SO much to say, yet when you place your fingers on the keyboard, you cannot seem to get it started, or, you realize just how random and rambling your thoughts are, so you opt out of the new post.  Generally, I spare my readers that kind of post, but today I’ll ask your indulgence while I pound these thoughts out…

I have to say first and foremost, if you have premium channels for television, look for and watch “The Road To Guantanamo.”  I was up late last night watching it, and it is the single most important movie I watched this year.  It is absolutely horrifying to watch human beings treat other human beings that way.  It should shake you to your core.  I am not overstating when I say it changed me forever.

If Obama should lose, I expect to see every pollster in the country out of work for good.  Personally, I watch the betting odds, since bookies have real money on the line, and employ mathematics daily for a living.

If Obama should win, especially if he wins big, I’d really like to see my fellow Democrats being graceful in victory.  Part of the attraction for me to Mr. Obama was his demeanor, and he and his wife are classy at all times.  We can do our part after the fact by being magnanimous and reminding people that the real work is just getting started.  Because it is.  I will diligently monitor the Obama administration, and it my single biggest hope that he communicates to America that we must evolve as a Nation, it is well past time that we recognize that our standard of living cannot be maintained indefinitely.  Ask us to volunteer.  Ask us to conserve.  Ask us to step up and contribute.

Communication is key.  Transparency will actually aid our next President if he intends to affect real change.

I’m very curious what happens to blogging in the near future.  Already, (and part of this may be election fatigue)  I have noticed a sharp drop off in readership, not just on this blog, but if comments are any indicator, (and I believe they are) then the blogging model will have to morph.  Twitter ain’t it.  It may be a useful tool in certain situations, but I find it tedious to use and a haven for spammers.

More later.  I have to go finish a huge fencing project, so maybe the mindless labor will give me time to shape my thoughts.  Or not.


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One response to “Election Day Jitters

  1. democommie


    If Obama wins, the rightwing blogosphere will immediately begin telling whatever outrageous lies they can dream up. If he loses they will be strutting and preening for the forseeable future. Fortunately, for me, I do not read those blogs.

    If Obama wins I will be able to spend more time putting strange recipes on my blog and maybe my photographic ouvre of roadkill that looks like political figures.

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