Real Patriots

Go read Obama for a Sound Economy.  There are some great quotes, like this one:

I will pay more taxes under the Obama administration, and like Warren Buffet and Adam Smith, I think that is not unreasonable. In return I get a country that: invests more in basic science research (which will grow the economy faster), understands the need for a transformative switch to a new energy economy (which gains jobs, decreases oil usage and alleviates climate problems), and regains respect on the world stage (bettering all of us in the USA, and all of us on earth). I call that a bargain.

— Peter Norvig, Ph.D., Director of Research, Google, Palo Alto, CA



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2 responses to “Real Patriots

  1. democommie

    Oh, yeah! Well, I bet alla them scientisticles at the Discovery Institute are just as hot for mPALINccain! You betcha!!

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